Zubrnet’s Tip: How to Win Freestyle – Tips & Explanations

“How to do such a trick so that you spend a little time and get a lot of points / adrenaline / combos?” This question is asked by everyone who has played Pure. So here are some tips for freestyle:

1) In freestyle, the main thing is glasses. And more importantly, how much fuel you have. The more tricks you do, the more fuel you get. There are 4 types of bonuses scattered over the level:
1. Freezing fuel – the fuel is frozen for 3-5 seconds, during this time you can do some trick, or get to the finish line.
2. x2 is a useful bonus. If you don’t fall headfirst into the abyss, you can take this bonus. It doubles points, it can be useful if you do specials. trick.
3. Special. trick – in my opinion, the most useful trick. When you reach a big springboard, do it (by default – Q + A (special trick and trick trick)). Just look, it will be long, so you need to calculate the place.
4. Additional adrenaline is also a very useful bonus. At the beginning of the race, you need to grab him first, grab him do the trick – this will increase the size of the bonus.

2) Try to fly above everyone else! A little secret: if you are UNDER the bonus, then you will not take it. And being OVER the bonus, you don’t have to worry – you will have the bonus))

3) Before spec. squeeze all the adrenaline out of yourself with a trick – you will fly higher, fly further, and there will always be time for a trick.

4) Military trick: if you don’t want to do a lot of tricks and the distance to the ground is huge, just do somersaults! 😉 It is very simple to do it: to do a somersault forward, quickly press the forward bend key twice and hold. Do the same with a back somersault..

5) Remember: each character can do different specials. tricks! For example, take and lie down on an ATV like a girl, jerk your legs. Or take and play an imaginary guitar. Well, at worst, take and dance a break! the developers have added many tricks and their combinations!))

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