Zuezd Wolves 2: Advice (Become a Millionaire Fast)

Do you want to be a millionaire? Then you are in the Cebos system!
1. After capturing and “laundering” the pirate base “Mastiff” we pass the check with new identification numbers, look for a guarded sphere with guns (we have already passed through it, there are many broken transport ships around), enter it and start shooting the guns in the middle ring. We collect a sufficient number of “Shining” cannons. We destroy transport ships inside the sphere and collect all things.
2. We receive a mission from Gyurza to transport a bomb. After passing through the portal, I said that I was carrying a bomb and dropped it. Mission failed.
3. We receive a letter from Alex and fly to meet him. Alex has the “polarization” skill (shield restoration). VERY USEFUL in Cebos system.
4. To fly to the Cebos system you need: Base ship “CTS-2 Astarta” (Shield “Kali” (3500 units), missile defense (40), protection from laser weapons (80%)).
5. We destroy all berserkers in the Cebos system and fly to warehouse number 1. We take EVERYTHING that is needed in the warehouse for FREE from the store, we sell the unnecessary to the SST warehouse.
Now I have a LARGE LOT of fighters, equipment and money.

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