10 useful tips, hints and secrets for playing CS: GO


CS: GO was released on August 21, 2012 and is currently the most popular competitive online shooter. Newbies come to this game every day and face numerous challenges. They have a lot to understand and master. It is for them that we have prepared 10 useful tips that will help them cope with various difficulties, gain invaluable experience and bring their level of cooperation and skill to a completely new level.

1. Recharge less often. Often times, single-player shooters train our reload reflex. New CS: GO players should unlearn this first. Almost every barrel in CS takes 2 to 4 seconds to reload. And this is quite enough to pass the position that you are defending or look around the corner to you. But the biggest problem is that at close range, reloading will give you its sound, after which the enemy will know your position and will be ready to fight. It only takes 3-4 carcass hits to kill a fully healthy enemy, so don’t underestimate the 5 rounds in your magazine. And towards the end of the round, you rarely meet healthy opponents.

2. Do not perform actions, the meaning of which you little understand. If you see the game of professionals and start repeating after them, think about why they are doing it? Perhaps your actions are completely meaningless and have no tactical value. It is very interesting to try something from professional CS. But it is much more important to understand the game situations and realize the benefits of your actions.

3. Don’t overestimate the importance of HE (fragmentation) grenades in CS: GO. If you throw a grenade at the point, you will not kill anyone. Even with great skill, you only deal 57 damage. This is not CS: S, where grenades did 72 damage against armored targets. It is much more useful (especially in one-on-one situations) to use a rifle – and it will kill faster and will be safer than throwing HE. The flash drive is good in many situations, but you cannot know how well you have blinded someone.

4. Use your numerical advantage wisely. This advice is very relevant in tournament mode. You can win a round without any problems in a 3v1 or 4v2 situation. The easiest way to give a round is to merge one by one in awkward positions. When defending a plant from an enemy, your main task is to exchange. When the opponent is about to take player A, then he must be under fire from player B.

5. Don’t underestimate the benefits of pistols in CS. The CZ75 (the only automatic pistol in the game) is currently the best value for money. It can be used as a good support for a sniper in close combat or after a miss. You can also use it when you run out of ammo for the M4A1-S. At the moment, its price is $ 500, which is a little more than 2 flash drives.

6. Never crawl around the corner! When you do this, the player watching the corner has a big advantage – he will first notice your weapon, then his knees, and then shoot you before you even notice him. If there is a need to look out, then do it while standing. Take a quick look around the corner, open as little as possible, and then dive around the corner with lightning speed.

7. Learn to move correctly:

  1. It is worth studying all the features of the map, angles, timings.
  2. Alternate running around the map with strafe corners.
  3. Try to aim in advance at the places where your opponent is likely to be.
  4. Use shift when there is a possibility that the enemy might be nearby.
  5. Move along various structures for a safer movement.
  6. Avoid positions that can be shot from different directions.
  7. Try to stay fluid and calm.

8. Learn to control the spread – this will greatly increase your number of kills at close and medium range:

  1. Download the training_aim_csgo map.
  2. Don’t pinch often, practice single shots better.
  3. Take the time to study the trajectory and features of shooting from machine guns.
  4. Try to move the brush in the opposite direction to the scatter path.
  5. Practice

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