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May 26, 2016
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By Jonny Gamer

12 tips and secrets for Angry Birds 2

A new part is out! Here you will find improved graphics, exciting new types of levels, good destructibility of objects and a lot of other content that will brighten up a boring pastime. This article provides you with 12 useful tips and tricks to help you make fewer mistakes and quickly adapt to the new rules of the game.

1. Complete daily missions. This way you can get a couple of crystals that will help you a lot.

2. Now it is useless to restart the level if you started unsuccessfully. You are just wasting lives.

3. Levels contain interactive objects such as fans. When using them, you can change the flight path of the released bird. Often times, victory can only be achieved with the correct use of auxiliary objects.

4. Instead of bringing the boss’s health bar to zero, try to just push him off the edge of the screen. It will be more effective to bring blocks down on the boss’s head than to aim at him.

5. Shooting accurately at the pigs, you will not go far. We must try to destroy the entire building entirely and, moreover, from one bird. To do this, it is worth looking for weak points in the structures.

6. Now, when the birds act as playing cards, in the lower left corner you can find your deck of cards. Three cards are always available for selection, and the rest are placed face down and hidden for the time being. Thus, you can choose the most suitable bird at the moment.

7. If you made a mistake and chose the wrong bird, you can move the rubber band to the right and just shoot back. The bird itself will return to its place, giving you the opportunity to choose another.

8. Take your time. After firing, you should wait a bit. There is a possibility that a building shaking from the impact will fall on its own. Physics to help you!

9. By destroying as many objects as possible, you can get an additional card. When filling out the scale in the upper right corner, the card is yours!

10. If there is a desire to replay the old stages by 3 stars, wait and return there later. Wait until you have new birds and spells.

11. Instead of buying lives, save crystals to buy spells and extra cards.

12. At the levels you can find a golden pig. After destroying it, your destruction meter will immediately fill. If the scale of destruction is almost full, then try to destroy something without affecting the pig. This will fill the bar and you will receive a map. Then finish off the pig to get another card. Try to do it all with one bird (if possible).

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