18 Wheels Of Steel: Pedal To The Metal: Tips And Tactics

In the game you can find some interesting places! Here is a couple:
1) If you go along the route №180 from Salt Lake City south, then on the way there will be a bridge through the canile. If you turn left behind the bridge (and not to just right, as on the map), you can drive around the desert near the military base… UFOs will fly over you… And in the midst of the desert lies a huge ocean tanker…
2) Also, if you go on the highway №29 from Xuaymas to the north, then the road will be the right to the right, not designated on the map, according to the “South” sign. If you roll there, the dirt road will lead to the bar from the movie “From Sunset to Dawn”… By the way, smoke the bar around – it looks like just like in the film…

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