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July 13, 2020
5 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Kingdom Come: Deliverance: Cheat (Console commands, codes and cheats) – Fixed bugs

Kingdom Come: Deliverance: Cheat (Console commands, codes and cheats) – Fixed bugs Free Download

But downloaded from another resource! Then corrected by me personally! I fixed it for myself, but decided to post it! Suddenly someone else is playing or about to play the game.

– It was impossible to close the training menu (prompts) with the “Esc” key, just nothing happened.
– It was impossible to get off the horse, nothing happened when the “X” key was pressed.

I apologize for the mistakes, and if I have not clarified or added something yet, I am posting something here for the first time (Like). The information below was mainly copied and slightly tweaked. I vouch for the fix of two bugs, as well as for giving myself items by id, I did not use the rest!

Installation process:

  1. Step 1
    Run the game with the -devmode parameter. To do this, make a Windows shortcut to KingdomCome.exe and add -devmode to the end of the Object field. “C: \ Games \ Kingdom Come Deliverance \ Bin \ Win64 \ KingdomCome.exe” -devmode This step is optional, but recommended for auto-completion of commands by pressing TAB
    Or add “launch parameters” to the game properties in the steam.
  2. Step 2
    In the game folder, create a Mods folder if it doesn’t exist. And inside her Cheat. It should look like this: steamapps \ common \ KingdomComeDeliverance \ Mods \ Cheat or for example Games \ Kingdom Come Deliverance \ Mods \ Cheat.
  3. Step 3
    In the Cheat folder, unzip the files for the cheat console (download If you installed the mod correctly, then on KCD version 1.3.1 and higher – you will see the name of the mod and the current version in the console when loading the main menu.

Since some cheats are “temporary” (they are reset after restarting the game), you can add these cheats to a file called autocheat.txt. Place this file in the Data folder and it will be processed when the level is loaded.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance console commands

  • cheat_add_buff – Adds the specified buff to the character.
  • cheat_add_buff_heal – Health buff.
  • cheat_add_buff_immortal – Immortal buff.
  • cheat_remove_buff_immortal – Remove immortality.
  • cheat_add_item – Add item.
  • cheat_add_money – Add pennies.
  • cheat_add_perk – Add perk.
  • cheat_find_buffs – Find buffs.
  • cheat_find_horses – Find horses.
  • cheat_find_items – Find things.
  • cheat_find_perks – Find perks.
  • cheat_find_skills – Find Skills.
  • cheat_no_door_lockpicking – Hacking without opening doors.
  • cheat_no_lockpicking – Hacking without opening.
  • cheat_no_pickpocketing – Hack without pickpocketing mini-game.
  • cheat_no_stash_lockpicking – Unbreakable lockpicking.
  • cheat_print_table
  • cheat_reload_script – Reload script.
  • cheat_remove_all_items – Erase all things (in inventory).
  • cheat_remove_item – Erase a thing.
  • cheat_remove_buff – Remove buff.
  • cheat_remove_perk – Remove perk.
  • cheat_save – Save.
  • cheat_set_all_merchants_fence – Merchants buy stolen goods.
  • cheat_set_bow_reticle – Toggles crosshair on or off.
  • cheat_set_horse – Assign a horse.
  • cheat_set_regen – Assign a regeneration.
  • cheat_set_skill_level – Assign skill level.
  • cheat_set_state – Sets one of the player’s states to a given value.
  • cheat_set_stat_level – Assign a general level.
  • cheat_set_wanted_level – Assign wanted level.
  • cheat_unlock_recipes – Unlock potion recipes.
  • cheat_wash_dirt_and_blood – Wash dirt and blood.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance cheats and codes

For example, enter cheat_add_money ? to see the command help.

Enter cheat_add_money amount: 10 to add 1 grosz (amount: 1 will add 0.1 grosz).

Enter cheat_add_item id: XXX where XXX is the id of the item. (The entire list of items in a text file in the archive).

Open the Full list of item IDs.
Press Ctrl + F on the keyboard.
We enter into the search what you need to find (master key – for example).
We look highlighted We see:

enter cheat_add_item id into the console: a263862c-8e4c-4e60-aca3-c5c5eb91b904

We get the master key

(Copied from another resource, from where this mod was downloaded and edited by me personally)
How to increase the main characteristics:
Strength: cheat_set_stat_level stat: str level: 20
Agility: cheat_set_stat_level stat: agi level: 20
Vitality: cheat_set_stat_level stat: vit level: 20
Speech: cheat_set_stat_level stat: spc level: 20

Maximum skills:
Alchemy: cheat_set_skill_level skill: alchemy level: 20
Drinking: cheat_set_skill_level skill: drinking level: 20
Herbalism: cheat_set_skill_level skill: herbalism level: 20
Riding: cheat_set_skill_level skill: horse_riding level: 20
Hunt: cheat_set_skill_level skill: hunter level: 20
Pickpicking: cheat_set_skill_level skill: lockpicking level: 20
Repair: cheat_set_skill_level skill: repairing level: 20
Pickpocketing: cheat_set_skill_level skill: pickpocketing level: 20
Reading: cheat_set_skill_level skill: reading level: 20
Stealth: cheat_set_skill_level skill: stealth level: 20
Defense: cheat_set_skill_level skill: defense level: 20
Ax Fight: cheat_set_skill_level skill: weapon_axe level: 20
Archery: cheat_set_skill_level skill: weapon_bow level: 20
Mace Fight: cheat_set_skill_level skill: weapon_mace level: 20
Sword Fight: cheat_set_skill_level skill: weapon_sword level: 20
Unarmed Fight: cheat_set_skill_level skill: weapon_unarmed level: 20

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