ArtMoney Special Edition (ArtMoney SE) is a free universal editor (or cracker) for almost any computer game. The program is designed to edit parameters in computer games, to get endless money, lives, cartridges, etc.

The principle of ArtMoney SE operation is based on scanning the PC memory or game file for the presence of the desired value. It, in turn, is divided into two stages – the search itself and the elimination of unnecessary data. As a result, we get variables with a certain value, which can be changed to the desired one.

Main features of ArtMoney SE:

– To use ArtMoney SE no special knowledge in the field of computer science, programming, or memory addressing architecture is required.
– User-friendly interface, will offer the user step-by-step actions and help to achieve a positive result in a few minutes.
– Special methods of the program allow you to deceive even games in which there are no numerical visible values ​​(for example, a graphic life bar) or games that encode their data.


ArtMoney does not work in the network game mode (man against man), since money can be duplicated on several computers, and changing money on one does not lead to success. There are exceptions, though.

ArtMoney program does not violate the law, it is not designed to crack passwords, serial numbers, copy protection, etc.

Changes in the latest version

  • Fixed error loading tables with more than 50 addresses.

Download ArtMoney English Version For x32

Download ArtMoney English Version For x64

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