Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood: Game Walkthrough and Guide

Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood: Passage

The proximity of the Christmas holidays caused the developers a sharp form of exacerbation of conscience, and they released the promised games together. Finally remembering the long-term deadlines. Lined up in a separate battalion, militants went to the attack. There were many of them. And legacy decently. Everything, as usual, “Will in Napoleons”. And only the American paratrooper of 1944 by the release of the chick of redhead went to the secondary role of addition to the adventures of Sergeant Baker…

So, in order. New little: one weapon and 14 missions. The developers eliminate some of the shortcomings of the game plus a little modified artificial intelligence. Here, perhaps, all. The gameplay remains the same. True, now the story is conducted on the face of red (Red), which has already appeared in the original game. She constantly echoes the previous events, but shows them on the other side (Baker you will see more than once). The plot turned out to be more interesting and better than in the original game.

Roses All the Way


D + 0, 02-30, June 6, 1944

The game will start with learning. Follow the instructions on the screen. Not having time to look like, you will come across the first detachment of the Germans. How to get around it, you will clearly show. Having understood with them, wait for the second enemy detachment. Let him suppress your comrades with fire, and you go around it yourself. No shelter, so you need to act quickly.

Having understood with the enemy, connect with comrades. After a small conversation, the Germans will appear. Take the assault detachment for the cart and order the enemy to fake. Go around the enemy detachment on the right along the fence and instill their side. Return to the comrades and run to the left. Soon you will notice the detachment of the Germans. Try to remove them while they did not have time to hide behind the log (otherwise then you will have to smoke them from there), and go to the assault.

Go from the side of the machine gunner, send it and take place for MG-42. On the road will run the squad of the Germans. A couple of queues, and they will no longer… After going to comrades. This will end.

Action at St. Martin

Art. Martin-de-Varreville

D + 0, 06-00, June 6, 1944

Comrades need medical care, so you have to get medicine. Run on the road and turn left. Remove the two hours and wait for the second squad. It can be accessed on the left. Further you will come across the group of Fritz, seated behind a stone fence. Here you can act differently. I left the comrades to shoot with them, and I myself went around the house.

On the way you will be stumbled on several Germans. But first, they do not wait for you, so on your side suddenness. Secondly, you can take advantage of the accuracy of the area and visit them from the rear or from the flank. And after going back to the detachment of the Germans behind the stone fence.

Next target – Two soldiers on the road. They can be around the left. Two more detachments – for the fences near the church (from there they will fire, but so far nothing to do with it). You also destroy them by bypass maneuver. True, there is a possibility that someone will run away, but it is easy to catch up.

Go around the church to the right and go to the house opposite. There will be one squad of the Germans. The second sat down on the veranda of the house, which rises above the terrain. Order Comrades to distract the enemy, and go around yourself. After you can storm the church.

When you go to the cathedral, the artillery shelling will begin. Run out and get up for a machine gun. On the way there will be a squad of the Germans, it needs to be destroyed. Next, the attack directions will be indicated by the arrow on the compass. A couple of times will have to make babble to deal with the enemy. When the last soldier will be destroyed, the mission will end.

Three Patrol Action

A Hamlet Near Haut Fournel

D + 0, 16-30, June 6, 1944

After the briefing, we throw one detachment to the hay stack, and the second to the fence opposite the house. From the shelling on the side it covers the wall. Go with the flank yourself and finish off the enemy while your comrades enthusiastically lead a shootout with them. There will be a couple of enemy detachments. The first is the one that the fence is – you can destroy, hovering along the living hedge. Then return back and run to the house. Slide from behind the corner and instill the Germans, standing next to the car, and then try on the surviving squad.

Now you need to run the way. It is shooting a machine gunner, so do not hinder. There are several more detachments on the field. Them you destroy the standard bypass, but here you need to be neat. The enemy constantly changes the position.

Steering the soldiers in the armored personnel carrier and machine gunner, take the place of the last and destroy the detachment behind the fence (if, of course, someone managed to escape). Again, run away the road. On the field two detachments of the Germans. They are easy to get around with the right flank, pre-suppressing fire. By the way, the distance is small, so the assault detachment can independently throw the enemy with grenades.

Two remaining – near the shed and behind the fence – you can shoot, covering the truck or tractor. It will take some more time – and you will meet the allied detachment.

Need to help out a fellow of trouble. Go to the extreme house and in the forehead to the German storm. Suddenness on your side. Comrades, however, can get injured, but these are trifles. Deal with the remaining opponents – the case of a few seconds.

When the paratrooper is saved, run to the field. There you will see a flying armored personnel carrier and a couple of detachments. The car will run by his affairs, leaving you alone with infantry. The enemy constantly changes the position, so act on the setting. When you need, suppress fire and go around with flanks. Purchase for maneuvers.

Gradually moving forward, you will deal with new detachments. Tactics former – Bypass and destruction. As a result, the armored personnel carrier will stop. Relieve the road (machine-gun fire will not get bored) and come on the side. Stepping machine gunner, win mission.

Hell’s Corners

Near the Barquette Locks

D + 1, 12-00, June 7, 1944

Happened to us to meet mission and better… Because of the heaps of fences, you feel like a cow in a pen. First you need to mark the traveled packages. Immediately, drive the detachments into the funnel of the deeper and shoot the root of the Germans. The first backpack will fall almost nearby. Second side. Move the detachments for the log and order open fire for suppression. Side yourself and destroy the enemy.

The third landing at the house. Standard maneuver – fire for suppression and sunset. Now you need to break through the field. It is shot by a machine gunner. Place both detachments from the hedge. From here they will be able to wind the first group of Fritty. Then tear them to the very edge. Let them control the terrain. Run themselves through the field – from the funnel to the funnel to get to the second detachment of the Germans. They can jump out of shelter, but then they will “give” their comrades sitting in ambush. Machine gunner you can easily destroy a blow from the rear.

Now you need to cross the bridge. The people on the bank are neurogenic, so order friends to open fire for suppression, and, crossing, run into the frontal attack. The main thing is to fix it and adjust the closer at least one detachment. Further will be easier. Having understood with the enemy and passing a little ahead, you will meet the allies. And get a new task.

Ahead in front of the field. Opponents hide almost for each log and in every funnel. Let comrades are shooting with them. Rather yourself right and move along the card. If possible, remove everyone who gets. So maneuver you will go to the rear machine-gun calculation. Confecting the Sons of the Reich, stand up for a machine gun and give several queues to enemy backs. Who can not get, finish manually. Good can be hit on both sides, so no problems are expected.

Another detachment of allies is sitting in the ditch. After a short conversation you will be sent to repel the attack. Comrades Leave at the fence. Let them smelly with the Germans. Join themselves across the hole in the living hedge, quickly understand the detachment behind the bush until they have time to get enough. Then you are waiting for simple bypass from the flank and rear, and finally will have to finish three groups of Germans for the fence. Shelters do not know how to use and do not want, so test comrades and tell me.

Chateau Colombieres

Near Heisville,


D + 2, 23-00, 8 June, 1944

The first obstacle is a machine gunner, a shot, and a detachment of the Germans. First we will deal with the latest. Transfer comrades to shelter, and let them lead fire for suppression. Germans often change the position, so see exactly where to place the detachments. Go around yourself (again, right or left, depends on the situation).

Now go through the opening in the wall and open fire on the enemy on the square. Try to face comrades to help figure out. And do not forget to shoot a machine gunner. Just can go from the rear. Then go to the house. There is still a couple of infantry. Going out, hide into the shelter and wait, when the tank arrives and disassemble with the enemy.

Now at your disposal – power. With the help of a steel monster undergo a mission much easier. The enemy will be armed with grenade launchers, so it’s not worth passing a tank. Competently use comrades to distract fracens, and after roll off the tanker.

And finally you got to the enemy tank. First you need to destroy the infantry. Leave comrades in a safe place and go down. Need to be careful not to get under the shells. After grab the pomegranate (opponents in abundance) and make three shots on the enemy tank. Next again, press the enemy with a tank, if necessary, pulling out comrades. By destroying mortarmers, you complete the level.

Bloody Gulch

Near Hill 30, France

D + 7, 15-00, June 13, 1944

Famous slaughter. Only this time you have to look at it from another angle. Go to the left. Going out on the field, stew two running Germans. After ordering comrades, shoot from the enemy, and go around the right squad, seated from stone. Then go around a bunch of stones and shoot two more Germans.

It remains to deal with the company that fell from the machine gun. One detachment order to fire for suppression, and with the second, the enemy detachment on the right side. Germans, having reworked that they are bypass, rushed due to shelter. So it is desirable to throw a grenade in advance so that you do not have time to run.

Go to the road and try to immediately shoot two hours. If it does not work, run to the tree on the right to hit the lobby. It needs to be done as quickly as possible. The truck has a detachment of mortar meters who shot the terrain.

Repeed again to the field, get ready for sluggish shootings. The Germans will pop up under the bullets and in general, with great reluctance to resist. In trucks – the people are more serious. Here you need fire support for two detachments and bypass maneuvers. When the enemy is destroyed, grab the pomegranate from the box and run on the field. There are two tanks. Do a shot and return for a new “Shaitan-Pipe”.

Tanks from such an appeal can dry and drive a closer. But the most interesting thing is that they are not going to shoot for some reason. However, these are their problems: do not want – and it is not necessary for us only. Run will have less. Just hide comrades from sin away. I never know what.

Having broken with tanks, go back to the comrades holding defense. Need to shoot the Germans until the baker with reinforcement arrives. The opponent is clearly exhaled. And nothing but several infantry detachments, cannot offer. It will not be difficult for a few minutes. With the advent of tanks you can stay – the detachment held height.

Eviction Notice



D + 8, 10-00, 14 June, 1944

Cartainan, again you! For the case. Cover the detachment behind the wall and order open fire for suppression. Make the hook yourself on the right side of the card. Having reached the station, look in the window and shoot the Germans. Then you need to do a detachment for drawers.

Move comrades in the station building. Let the eager with the enemy on the paths. Ourselves go through the door on the side and again make the hook on the right. True, it will be stumbled upon the detachment of the Germans, suddenly jumping out of the bushes. But they can soothe grenade. In the warehouse, the eagles of Germany also swallowed, so attract the comrades to deal with them.

Next Path Blocks machine gun. Again, make a hook to the right, go around the house and thump the German grenades behind the border. After steering a gunner. You can simply give on the back of the butt. He is so enthusiastic about something dreams that he does not see anything around.

Place two squads for wagons in front of the warehouse. Let the enemy fake. Just be careful. Mortetters beat sight. Here you can do without maneuvers and shoot with accurate shots. Then go to the warehouse and put one squad cover the entrance. Moor from the window, remove the fretshemas. I achieve a mortar settlement, run to Beiker. Kartan storming continues.

Close Quarters



D + 8, 10-30, 14 June, 1944

This time you have to wade through the ruins. Stalingrad, of course, does not smell, and the level, by tradition, is nowhere else. First opponents meet in a dilapidated house. Two detachments on the shelling, and bypass on the right edge. Then find yourself in the meadow. Behind the stone fence in Six Germans. Pick up comrades, and let the fire lead to suppression. Yourself steal along a wooden fence on the left. Probably one detachment will go to a breakthrough, so be prepared.

Then go outside. Pay attention to the machine gun. Quickly deal with the enemy and run to it. Soon pile a lot of people who would die in the approaches. Next, the next glade with the Germans. Observe them and talk to Baker. A tank appears. Run to the left corner and grab the “Shaitan pipe”. Three-four accurate shots, and a miracle of German engineers will light up a scarlet flame.

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