Bully: Sholarship Edition: Save Game (100% Completed) – V3 Final

Hello! This is the third version of the save for Bully. It fixed some minor bugs, such as jailbroken all lockers, added a text document with the installation path. What will be in this file:                                                                                                             

Bully: Sholarship Edition: Save Game (100% Completed) – V3 Final Free Download

1. Completed all story missions                                                                                                              
2. Completed all side missions                                                                                              
3. Completed 5 levels in all lessons
4. Failed 5 lessons
5. Collected all the rubber bands
6. Collected all cards
7. All the gnomes are destroyed
8. Collected all transistors and referred to the bum
9. Passed 100 km. on foot
10. I drove 50 km. on a skateboard
11. I drove 100 km. by bike
12. All karting competitions won
13. All cycling races won 
14. All Boxing Matches Won 
15. Completed all work on the lawn mower 
16. Completed all the work of the distributor of newspapers 
17. Completed all orders 
18. Purchased all the clothes in the game 
19. Entire graduation album is completed
20. Passed once on each attraction
21. Defeated in all Amusement Park Games 
22. Purchased all items in the amusement park shop
23. Triggered a fire alarm 20 times
24. Records are set on slot machines (Everywhere 1 place)
25. Won in Minting and Penalty 
26. Purchased 500 cans of soda 
27. Smashed all the pumpkins 
28. Broke all the gravestones 
29. Beat the pirate                                                                                                                                             
30. Drawn at least one graffiti about each group                                                       
31. Maximum money and ammunition                                                                                                                     
Attention! The path where you want to install the save is specified in the text file: “Installation.txt”.

A video that shows what this save is:

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