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June 23, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

By Year

An improved version of my last save, but still, it came to the end.

Far Cry: New Dawn: SaveGame (100%) Free Download

As in the past, the plot, as well as all additional missions, has been completely completed, a good ending has been received – the twins are dead, Joseph killed. All players and photos are collected. The settlement “Prosperity” is fully pumped, all improvements to a  maximum (3). The character is fully pumped,  all skills are and are now improved. All partners are open and pumped. The weapon is all legendary, fully pumped,  damage for 1000-4000.  There is all the legendary (golden) weapons, pumped,  all the legendary transport. All cards are bought. Open many costumes,  all DLC.

Also, all sorties are open, all outposts are captured, the whole map is explored. A lot of resources.

Throw along the path: C: \ Users \ Public \ Documents \ uPlay \ CODEX \ Saves \

To kill / not to kill Joseph does not change the ending, just one more remark from Sid is added, and that’s it.

Have a nice game!

I forbid to distribute on other sites, as it was with the previous save, the save was made specifically for GamesRead.com.

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