Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box: Tips (How to Pass the 40x Extreme Multiplication Challenge)

There are two ways to pass the 40x Extreme Multiplication challenge – simple but long and effective but difficult
1.Simple – start the test (meaning on the Internet, because there it starts from anywhere) from the place where the chain of jumps begins. For example, the quarter has a good springboard on the way to the bridge. Further along the bridge – after the bridge on the right side and so on. I remind you that multiplication is given for barrels, flights, high jumps, shields, etc..
2. Effective – agree with friends about extreme, ask them to stand next to each other on fragile wheelbarrows, and take turns to break them without breaking themselves. For each broken car – multiplication 3x (naturally, the maximum of friends is 7, i.e. multiplication 21x, after that you still have to look for places for tricks).
I hope that at least I helped you with something =)


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