Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Game Walkthrough and Guide

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Passage

Act I

Educational mission, first take the machine and shoot as the commander wants – from the hip, aiming, through an obstacle, in conclusion, throw a grenade. After passing around the camp and listen that the fighters say, you will find out a lot of interesting things, then go on the bar of obstacles, before passing can choose weapons to taste, here is a rich choice. Passing the band. After passing, you will be offered the level of complexity depending on your speed, you can agree or choose the level at your discretion.

Team player

The mission begins on the shores of the Unnamed River, and you, of course, you need to move to the other side, but it’s not enough – the bridge is destroyed, after a while when the bridge is riding, but for him you need to clear the way. It seems that everyone around is engaged in their affairs, such as eating chocolate or games in a mobile phone, what we and alone we will cope – a pair of charges from the bait and the enemy will calm down.

Climb upstairs and watch how the building collapses. After, you will be waiting for a short trip on the armored person, there is nothing to fear – because in your hands you have a minigan, which will warm the heart in a difficult moment. Do not shoot the militia on the balcony, they are unarmed, and the Democratic American Army “does not shoot unarmed” under any circumstances “… yeah, the pitar more, well, okay, as soon as the trip is complete, go to the building and rise to the second floor – there are several militias, they are armed, so you can treat them with a grenade.

Go down and go to school, you can pick up a novelty before entering the novelty – pair weapons, then, quickly appreciating his uselessness, replace it with something like AK or MP5, rising to the second floor, will see that the terrorists run away in the cabinets of geography and physics – Destroy these enemies of science long queues and descend to the street. Through the quarter, meet a small enemy detachment, sobering with whom you finally get to General Shepard.


An neurouge change – now you are somewhere in the mountains of Tien Shan. Having loved the views, we start climbing – to stick the hook to press and release the appropriate mouse keys, nothing complicated, getting up, get ready for the jump, however, no matter how you are running out, he will still be unsuccessful – Supreme second will pick you up in spectacular pyrueta.

Soon you will meet the patrol, kill the enemy to the right, the second will put in the second, do the same, and with another patrol. Now you will have to be divided – you will go to the camp and, risking life, will search for a refueling station, and SUP will sunbathe on a snow-covered slope at this moment, occasionally providing you with sniper support expressing in the form of destruction of two or three single militants… Thank you on this.

A couple of soldiers walk through the gate, remove them with a knife without noise and dust, then follow through small barracks to the summer field, passing out the gloa soldiers. Going to the field, detect an unpleasant surprise in the form of two cars and two more patrols – you can go quietly and imperceptibly, as it is assumed to developers, or take a good position and make everyone not to suffer and not hide. Personally, I advise the second, five times tried to go hide once, and every time everything came down to a banal damp, after which I, as a consequence of the lack of a favorable position, was invariably sent to the nearest point of saving, so it’s better not to suffer, but if you have all the skills of Sam Fisher, thenOf course, you shadow slipping past the enemy and get to refueling.

Whatever way you choose, you will get to the filling station, and, by installing a hemp, hurry to meet with the captain, in the same time cutting off the gaseous patrols. Arriving in place Come in the building and see what kind of merchant. And why we can not? Climb on the second floor and take the hard drive, now you can and at home… But, not there, it was – the guard finally remembered why she is here, and the soup is about to have fallen. It’s good that there is a plan “b”, and it is bad that we will learn about it the last, or rather the penultimate – the guards who have broken the mouths, from the diversifying gray everyday life of a big explosion, become light targets. Continue to have fun, you just arrived enemy reinforcements, equipped with snowmobiles. Observing with them, go down the slope and shoot another group of pursuers.

Soon two snowmobile will come to you, on which you and continue the path to the evacuation point. Think, Suppe will sit behind the wheel, and you will have to shoot? But no – we have a completely new Call of Duty, here you can manage some appliances yourself, could you imagine that earlier? So everyone is sitting in his snowmobile and forward, to the bright future, which you seem to be going to overshadow enemy snowdown. In principle, you can shoot them out of a gun, but it is great distracting that, in turn, can bring to unpleasant to get acquainted with the tree, so just go faster, and you will be almost impossible to get into you, and the situation will be able to overstate only a helicopter.

In the end you will get to a huge slope, after which it is necessary to break it to overcome it, I think it will not be a lot of work for you.

Not a word in Russian

The scandalous mission with the shooting of the civilian population at the airport, very resembling Sheremetyevo, by the way, it is carved in version from 1C, but I will proceed from the fact that you energized it, or you have a pirate version, so I will write the passage.

Attention! If you are melancholic, sentimental or you have a solid civic position based on the inadmissibility of violence in computer games, then you better… Do not play this game, but to engage in the breeding orchids, and if you just unpleasantly kill peaceful compatriot, you can simply miss this mission, good, such an opportunity is present – you will ask you as much as much twice. But in this case, you are completely confused in the plot, so I don’t advise you to do this, moreover, no one obliges you to shoot you – with them and without you there is a gang of your “friends” -golds, so to describe the passageFrom the moment you go outside.

To meet you, friendly Gurbo, will suffer operational employees of the FSB, for some reason dressed in the form of the unloved them of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. They are armed with shields – another new product in the series. Throw grenades to clear your way – in principle, the only real advice on the fight against protected opponents.

Reaching the machine to the ambulance, and it prepared evacuated, relax – return to you from this task is not destined – the terrorists will break you and will be allowed.


You are required to capture a lot of knowledgeable person, and at the same time, of course, he needs alive. Having arrived at the hotel silently, see how four of your comrades suffer fiasco, in the fight against one sole terrorist. Always everything you have to do yourself – stronger, and do not shoot without a signal, do not shoot, and after the signal shoot exactly my feet.

After a small pause, watch how the maniac awakened in Gowast, happily hesitating high voltage wires, and go to the rest of the detachment. You will have to wade through the slums – a glible and very dangerous place. Your task to make it dangerous for terrorists in it. In the first quarter, the whole detachment will die, and then you will have to wade alone. Move slowly and not in a hurry (attention to the fact that the partners in the warden stroke you do not pay – they just have nothing to do, here they are having fun, as they can), check the corners, throw grenades, in general, understand one thing – you are cautious. Pay special attention to dogs, try to destroy them before they pounce on you.

Anyway, sooner or later (if you play in the veteran, it’s rather late), you will get to the villain, the truth will catch it without your help. It is asked why we came running here?

Act II

What happened to the Americans so afraid of the last 60 years – Russians attacked America. There are no chances of the Americans, but hope, as you know, dies last.

Getting the opportunity to move freely, go to the alley on the right and disperse with the only arrived parachutists, and go back the movement forward, soon, however, you will have to return to the main street, and here you are already waiting for BMP, now we need to remember the originalCall of Duty – What would you do there in such a situation? Right – threw a smoke grenade and installed explosives, but our last deficit (yes, so the Americans learned what it is), so you will limit ourselves to the first chat of our plan.

Again, turning into the alley, read the enemies at the diner, and run to comrades through the avenue. Walking on the roof, you will see an automatic turret, which can be very convenient to put, in order to make a thoroughly to the enemy. The turret will be fine with it – no single enemy soldier will be mounted on the roof. The enemy, hesitating that fighting with the smart turret is rotten, will start an attack on the other hand, prudently undergoing in the smoke vest. Now the turret will not help you, but you have a rifle with a thermal imager. Grab it and try to destroy as many enemies as possible with its help, but it will still be not enough, and the opponent will be on the roof, but it will be quite simple to cope with it.

Soon, you will be informed about the arrival of two BMP, and that in the diner, which we freed a little earlier, there is a remote control of unmanned missiles. What have you not yet been told? And now through the avenue is so easy not to pass – BMP prevents, but you can still go through the smoke grenades to help you. Having entered the diner, grab pretender and locate under the counter. Just look… All opponents are visible to you, you can destroy all, without getting out from under the adjustment… Isn’t that power? Hahaha (laugh by a gomeric laugh).

We demand from us to destroy BMP, but you need to destroy them in the last place – first we will understand the infantry, which fell from the third in the area of the diner (here, after all, the snacks – snack bars on every corner), this dubble after the destruction of the BMM will have to storm, you can destroyAll, with the exclusion of four people who fell in the depths of the building, after finally undermine BMP, now run in the diner, which you have just fired and finally read it, climb on the roof and look for the turret, which this time there is no. Well, nothing, but there is pretender, right and you will be deprived of you, until this point try to destroy as more infantry as possible. Also, a wizard in a blue helicopter arrives at you and will show free… No, not a movie, and Kuzkin Mother. It is assumed that you will return to the previous diner, get to the roof, will find a stigner there… But all this is long and no longer hunting, so you have to repeat the feat of the Iraqi peasant and knock back the turntable from the assault rifle.

After several more attacks, you will finally come to the convoy, with the connection to which the mission will end.


And again Rio de Janeiro, wherees besides us in white pants no one goes. Pay attention to the right of you at the beginning of the mission to the wall is attached by the terrorist, followed by you earlier, and, what disgrace, he is still alive. Correct this annoying laughter until no one sees – it will be known to AK from us to run. Move for a detachment, leaving behind the mountains of corpses, carefully watch the roofs of small attic – there they just love hide militants.

Having reached a small area, you will meet there fierce resistance – two jeeps with machine guns, and countless snipers and car gunners. First of all, destroy machine gunners, and comrades should handle the rest. Passing a couple of quarters, you will fall on the bird market. Try not to fall in any livery in the cells, otherwise the advocates of the animals will shut you on the courts. Successfully passing and this quarter will be released on a miniature football field, on one of the fences of which the famous Russian word from three letters is written in bright large letters, it is not clear where I have taken in Rio that I can say… Russians are everywhere.

Perching on the roof run for a detachment, and soon, you will again need to jump – well, soup, catch me! Ah, damn… My jo…, That is, life, it was very attached, and, I’m afraid, the crowd of terrorists approaching the huge speed runs not to save you in order to lick you. Weapons you sowed somewhere, so the couple prove that a good warrior should have to quickly run. If you slow down, you will either be shot by non-microgenic locals, or you are late for a helicopter, so in a hurry. Mission to end with a spectacular jump over the abyss.


And again the Americans, and again the Russians do they – a natural picture, Everyone knows that our army is stronger (yes, yes, yes, I was charged in min. Defense so that I popularize the army among young people). Your main task in this mission is simple and understandable – you need to clean the city from the occupiers-enemies of democracy. To help you are issued a ripeker, and this is not an aircraft, as it may seem out of the name, and the armored vehicle with a heavy machine gun. In principle, if you do not rush anywhere, you can just hide somewhere in the secluded month, and the car will do everything for you, you just need to specify the goals in a timely manner. But it is very uncomfortable because your order the car sometimes performs at all exactly how you want it. Yes, and the opponents are not so much – we will cope. Be careful – on one of the locations are automatic turrets – this is just a worker for airscher.

Having finished with the cleaning of the streets, head to the enemy anti-aircraft guns and indicate their coordinates of artilleryrs. Who, do not spare shells, will be separated all to the ground. Now your task save a very important person whose name we should not be needed. Go to the place and, soon you will see a house destroyed by fallen plane. Quietly go inside – on the first floor in the refrigerator there is a hungry Russian, which, as is known, nothing in Russia in Russia besides vodka and caviar, but here such a variety… Of course, how to resist. Climb the second floor and witness the missing VIP death. It seems that he himself was shot himself, at the same time he had previously losing a plush bear in chess – a good reason for suicide.

Needed to relax yesterday

Despite the name, one of the easiest missions in the game. By the way, this same underwater mission, which the developers promised us, and, by the way, can be called it with a Boooooo tension. As soon as you rise to the surface, grab the enemy’s feet and send it to the bunch of sea. Climb the tier above, and imperceptibly finish off the lonely hours, now you need to free hostages – it is not difficult to do it, install the door charge, after which Rapid will turn on for five seconds, during which you should have time to save hostages. If you do not have time, then try to go on the other door. Climb even higher, free hostages on the scheduled scheme, and mining the body to make a surprise curious patrol.

You have left to break upstairs, to the last room with hostages, the road should not cause any difficulties, sweeping too. It remains only evacuated.

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