Castle Crashers: Save Game (100% Completed Game)

Saving from Steam version of the game patch 2.6, on the pirated version has not been tested.

Throw Steam – user data – your steam number – 204360 – remote.

All 31 characters are open and pumped to level 99;

(You will have 31 characters, provided you purchase 2 additional content and purchase the Battleblock Theater game, which will unlock access to the secret character in the Castle Crashers game, as a purchase bonus);

Castle Crashers: Save Game (100% Completed Game) Free Download

All skills of all characters have been pumped over;

Opened and collected absolutely all weapons in the game (it is located inside the Blacksmith Frog);

All animals are open;

In the inventory, there are 99 health potions, 99 sandwiches, 99 bombs.

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