Corsairs 3: Wind of Liberty: Cheat (Debug console)

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Or rather, the codes for Corsair 3 Wind of Freedom just PG did not allow to write the Wind of Freedom (

Corsairs 3: Wind of Liberty: Cheat (Debug console) Free Download

The console opens on F5 it is not activated, you need to go to the game folder and open the engine.ini file there find debugwindow = 0 and change to debugwindow = 1 (Spaces on the sides of = LEAVE!)
You save and will at your F5 in the game, the console opens.

There are a couple of problems with this way of cheating:
1. The console will not work until you have a full screen game! It will just fly out for you! This problem is solved, just go to config (located in the game folder) and uncheck the full screen mode.
2. The problem for some with editing the engine file, he does not want to be saved, he will write that the file is already in use or the type of that. I solved this problem by deleting the file, then transferring it from the trash to the desktop there and editing it and transferring it back to the game folder.

And here is a couple of console codes.

1) – LAi_SetImmortal (pchar, true) – on the right side it will be written that the cheat is not correct, but ignore this message – the cheat will still work. Also
most and with disabling the cheat.
2) – GiveItem2Character (pchar, “xxx”, #) – the number of items in this cheat cannot be registered. That is, the correct cheat: GiveItem2Character (pchar, “xxx”)
3) – If you need to register a certain number of items, then you need to use this cheat: TakeNItems (pchar, “xxx”, #) – where xxx is the name of the item, and # –
this is actually the amount.
Next, I offer you a bonus. Here are some more useful cheats:
1) – This is a very interesting cheat, a lot of room for experiment – GenerateShip (xx, true) – where in xx you enter, for example, 20, on the right side there appears a
number. Then, below, enter the next cheat – pchar.ship.type, then a number will appear on the right side – this is the number of your ship. After we enter the number from
right column, which appeared when writing the previous cheat. And bang! From now on you have the Royal Manowar “Soleil Royal”. You can also enter others
numbers. Just make sure that you don’t have a fort instead of a ship, otherwise you won’t be able to go to sea – it will be thrown out of the game.
2) – pchar.Ship.Crew.Quantity – the number of your ship’s crew. As you type in the cheat, a number will appear in the right column – this is the number of your
commands, change it to any, if only you could feed them.
3) – pchar.ship.cannons.type is just a bad cheat. Allows you to put any guns on any ships. Again, after entering the cheat in the right column
a number appears – these are the tools that are already on your boat. It is necessary to enter from 1 to 9.9 – 48 pound guns (fort guns) 8 – 42 pound guns.
4) – These codes are already for completely inveterate cheaters. And again, we enter cheat – a number appears in the right column, change it from 1 to 100.
pchar.skill.Leadership – Authority.
pchar.skill.FencingLight – Light Weapon.
pchar.skill.Fencing – Medium Weapon.
pchar.skill.FencingHeavy – Heavy Weapon.
pchar.skill.Pistol – Pistols.
pchar.skill.Fortune – Luck.
pchar.skill.Sneak – Stealth.
pchar.skill.Sailing – Navigation.
pchar.skill.Accuracy – Accuracy.
pchar.skill.Cannons – Weapons.
pchar.skill.Grappling – Boarding.
pchar.skill.Defence – Protection.
pchar.skill.Repair – Repair.
pchar.skill.Commerce – Trade.
pchar.rank – your level.
pchar.Reputation – Your reputation.
pchar.Money – Money.
AddMoneyToCharacter (pchar, “1000000000”) – This is an alternative cheat. You need to enter it only in the left column (who did not guess). 1,000,000,000 piastres per
your pocket.

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