Corsairs: Cheat Codes

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Click the cursor on the selected enemy unit and press [Shift] + [k] – the enemy will be destroyed

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During the game press ~ and enter the codes:
Map – the whole map is open
All ships – all ship classes are available
Money-gives 100,000,000,000 gold
People-gives 1000 people
Reputation – maximum reputation always
Squadron – Adds a squadron of 7 ships
Reloading guns are always loaded
Skills – all skills at maximum level
After entering the codes, press Enter.
___ ——- _______ ——— _______ —— ___________————-

All cheats only work at sea.
To enter the code, you need to start – and then enter the code.
Cheat Codes enter full phrase with spaces.

HAVE LIVE – complete ship repair, the whole crew, sail repair (if there is a canvas)
GET ME MAGIC – increase the damage from each core released by the player by 100 times
NOW I FLYING – allow decoupling of the camera from the ship (view of the ship from the side)
FIRE FROM CAMERA – shoot from the camera with the key
TELEPORT – allow teleporting the ship to the camera location
MAKE SCREEN SHOTS – prevent damage from kernels
EXPU MNE – very, very, very, very much exp…
DENEG DAY – money

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