Day Watch: Cheat Codes

Day Watch: Codes

In The Folder With The Game, Find the File Nwinrut.CFG, This File Has A VSE Section, But There Are Already There BIND CONSOLE ‘`’, But Incorrectly Recorded, SO WE Remove IT and Write It Down Above or Simply Delete Unnecessary Spaces and Everything Works.
A IN THE CAME OF PHONE FILE nwautoexec.CFG NEW TPOKY WirbelWind, This Is Also Necessary.

Bo Weeway Nazhmite Klaviyy [`] (Tilda), However, Headed by a Cheat Koby:
GOD MODE 1 – NeysBymimoci
godmode 1 – NeysBymimoci
GetXPlevel 25 – Makemym Ymenie
SetXplevel 25 – Makemym Ymenie
GetItem 538 – Super Sword

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