DeadSpace: Save Game (many bonuses, 2 playthrough on Unreal)

DeadSpace: Save Game (many bonuses, 2 playthrough on Unreal)

I present to your attention saving on two slots out of four for Dead Space! You will need it to continue this wonderful game, and also in order to play this game as comfortably as possible.!

So, copy the “Electronic Arts” folder from the archive to “My Documents”.

DeadSpace: Save Game (many bonuses, 2 playthrough on Unreal) Free Download

After that, start the game and you will be offered two save slots:
1 slot – the first playthrough of Dead Space on the “Unreal” difficulty level (the highest difficulty level, opens the first time you play any other level)
2 slot – second playthrough of the game on unrealistic difficulty level. After downloading this slot, you will start playing the third playthrough. In doing so, you will receive:

standard bonus on game completion:
  – 50,000 credits
  – 10 power nodes
  – dossier
  – scheme for the purchase of a Soldier Suit (Power Suit Level 6)
– Bonuses from me personally, which you will find in the safe of the first store you come across:
  – 58,300 credits (total 108,300 credits)
  – Power suit of 5th level (taking into account the available money, you can buy a Soldier’s suit immediately, or play further with the Engineer’s suit of 5th level)
  – all weapons – I bought all 6 weapons and upgraded all nodes! You can upgrade the empty dummy nodes that I went around in the diagrams, but this is pointless. You can play with the upgraded weapon right away!
  – sets of all cartridges and the best items (large first aid kit, medium air tank*, stasis battery) – all sets are presented in an amount of 5 pieces of each type. The fact is that there is a glitch in the game – when you take a weapon from the safe, only 1 cartridge remains in it (for me personally). So I put in 5 magazines for each weapon: 500 pulse cartridges, 20 cutter batteries, 7.5 liters of napalm (750 units of napalm =)), etc..

Notes from me:

* – As I understand it, there is no large oxygen tank in the game. There are several confirmations of this:
1) when selecting schemes for a large oxygen cylinder (there are several of them, it seems) in the store, we find out that this is a scheme for a large first-aid kit or something else. Strange, isn’t it? Looks like the BKB was cut from the game
2) The spacesuit maintains a maximum of 2 minutes of oxygen operation. When using a medium oxygen cylinder on my last gasp, oxygen was restored to the full extent. Conclusion – why BKB, if SKB restores oxygen to the maximum?

Correct, if I am wrong, I will take into account and add information here!


I have compiled a few tactics for working with each type of weapon, you will need it:

Plasma cutter:
It is convenient for them to cut off the legs and arms of enemies, as well as various tentacles. The exception is the tentacles of the guards, spitting out “turrets” – to chop off their tentacles, you will waste two clips at least for sure, take another weapon. Nevertheless, this is the most versatile weapon, you can go through the whole game with it! Try to aim not at the legs of the necromorphs, but at the hands – without arms they will die immediately, without legs they will crawl and you will spend more cartridges! AND

Power pistol:
Some kind of a shotgun. Effective at close range, but strongest at close range. This weapon allows you to clear the road from slugs with one shot (those creeping necromorphs that roll around in a flock and bite into the protagonist), allows you to shoot all three tentacles from necromorph babies point-blank with a couple of blows (I was able to do it first), it was possible to shoot one or two break apart the necromorph jumpers (those that run on their hands and hit with their tail) once. Also, this shot is convenient to knock over enemies and run away from them. The main shot is also very effective for finishing off conglomerates (thin tall necromorphs, which, when killed, break into several crawling parts – 1-2 shots can kill all small fry that have fallen out of the corpse.
An alternate shot fires a grenade that detonates after a few seconds or on impact with an enemy. By the way, this is one of the most effective ways of destroying guards – shoot a grenade at the tangled tentacles and with a successful hit you can kill the guard from 1 time!

Power cutter

This is a kind of sniper rifle. A powerful beam hits the enemy and, with a good hit, can tear off his limbs. But this is rare. Basically, this weapon can be used for shooting at kamikaze (1 hit in the bag – death), at the tentacles (just not those that pull you into the hole, although you can also try, though it is risky) and at the vulnerable spots of bosses.
The alternative mode allows you to use the cutter as a jackhammer, but for the blow to have an effect, you need the enemy to come close, which is not ice. And then a bolt was found on the cunning ass – we freeze the enemy with stasis (jumper- or baby-necromorphs) and stand on his back and make this blow. Perfectly tears apart the enemy.

Pulse Rifle:

Excellent and economical weapon! The main mode is accurate and allows you to shoot the limbs of enemies well. The rifle is especially good with runners (a necromorph with an ingrown stasis module that allows you to run fast) – it can take off a leg with 9-12 rounds, and while the necromorph is lying in a stupor for 1-2 seconds, we shoot his hand off. After one arm, 1-2 volleys into the torso – and he dies.
The main mode is effective in many situations, but not with guards – you ditch the entire clip and the guard will die at best. The main mode is also handy for fighting bosses. Also, the Pulse Rifle is ideal against Infectors Stingrays – 30-50 rounds and this necromantic beast will no longer raise any undead.
Alternative mode forces the protagonist to squat down and raise the machine gun above his head. Further, the barrel of the rifle disintegrates and begins to rotate, shooting in three directions in a circle. When there are a lot of enemies around you, this mode is irreplaceable (however, it does not hit necromorphs crawling on the ground, only standing ones). For one clip I somehow managed to bang 5 enemies! You can specifically run and aggro on yourself with a dozen necromorphs, and then freeze with stasis (you can not freeze) and, bursting into the crowd, arrange a meat grinder – circular shooting will mow everything.

Laser rifle:
A very interesting weapon. With the upgrade, the main mode gets the opportunity to concentrate the shot at the target at a long distance, and if the enemies are very close, the scanning beams make the affected area spread like a fan, so you will hit more enemies! You will see a change in the area of ​​effect if you aim at the wall and come to it – the closer to the wall, the wider the area of ​​effect.
Alternative firing mode releases a mine, which builds up a charge and explodes, dealing beam damage to everyone around. You can make a trap, you can freeze enemies with stasis – this mine is guaranteed to chop off limbs from enemies the first time. It is also the second most effective way to kill guards – when a mine explodes close to the guard, it cuts off all the tentacles at once. But this mine will delight you especially when you ride on the platform to where the necromorphs are waiting for you – they will not go anywhere anyway, and a mine released towards them will clear the way for you upon arrival!

Pipe cutter
The most economical weapon!
The alternative mode releases the saw flying at a long distance, but with this mode, the pipe cutter becomes a regular stick. We are interested in the main mode!
Basic mode shoots the saw forward a few meters, which rotates, held in place by a magnetic grab. The distance is regulated by the beam – if there is a necromorph next to you, and the saw is behind him, aim the beam at the necromorph and the saw will return and scream at him!
The saw can conveniently cut off the limbs and tentacles. I used this weapon to overwhelm the necromorph tanks. They took me 6-8 drinks. The rest of the necromorphs take 1-2. Freeze the necromorph with stasis and cut everything off!
Note – the greater effect will be if you drive the saw up and down, then the damage will be continuous. From the fountains of blood, I noticed that the saw in motionless rotation deals damage with pauses.
Against bosses and tentacles, the pipe cutter is absolutely useless! But it is very useful against runners because helps to throw them back. If the enemy is too close, he will hit you despite the fact that the saw breaks him. The saw does not stop or knock back the Infant Necromorphs! But she. oddly enough, it allows you to remove a flock of slugs from the path – the saw rotation time is enough. By the way, a saw is a great way to kill pupae (those that breathe poison into the air at the level before the battle with Leviathan). 1 saw kills the doll instantly, the rest of the weapon needs to fire a lot.

The weakest weapon, though it sets the enemy on fire. The main mode blows out flames, which are convenient for dealing with small necromorphs. And the alternative spits a fireball at the enemy. They can try to burn the infesting stingray.
I recommend using this weapon only for the sake of fun and tough – it is really rather weak.

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