Dragon Age: Inquisition: Save Game (Pak save, man, gnome)

Dragon Age: Inquisition: Save Game (Pak save, man, gnome)

Kip is connected. Saving at the beginning of the game.

Race: Gnome

Floor: Male

Class: Rogue, Warrior

Name: Standard


Rogue: Warrior:

Dragon Age: Inquisition: Save Game (Pak save, man, gnome)


Dragon Age: Inquisition: Save Game (Pak save, man, gnome)

Key solutions:


Ferelden’s heroine is Kusland, an archer. Alistair is alive. Alistair the king (And the heroine of Ferelden the queen).

Dragon Age: Inquisition: Save Game (Pak save, man, gnome) Free Download

Morrigan is alive. Morrigan gave birth to a child with the soul of DB from Alistair. GF did not follow her into eluvian. The squad included: Zevran, Sheila, Wynn, Leliana, Stan, Ogren, Morrigan, Alistair. All companions are alive and well. Soldier’s Peak freed., Avernus is alive. Blood power received. Connor is alive. Erlessa is alive. The urn is not defiled. Redcliffe protected. She saved the blacksmith’s daughter and the boy. Bella opened a brewery. Supported the magicians. Agreed on the world of elves and werewolves. The spell was removed, no one died (except Zatrian and the spirit). Branca is dead. Karidin is released. Horrowmont on the throne. Berkel opened a church. Zerlinda is at home with her baby. Alistair executed Loghain. The meeting supported the Global Fund. Elphinage rescued and Howe’s captives too.


Nathaniel Howe is alive and a gray guard. Anders, Velanna, Ogren, Sigrun, Justice – were in the squad. The architect is alive. Protected Amarantine. Vigil Tower fully upgraded and survived.


Hawk is an archer. An affair with Fenris. The companions are alive and well. Eluvian is not destroyed. Anders is not executed. The Merrill clan is safe and sound. Isabelka returned, the Qunari was not given. Aveline and Donnik got married. Bartrand is alive. Varric kept the piece of the idol for himself. Zevran let go. Fenriel has gone to Tevinter. She did not approve of the destruction of the church. Petris did not support. I returned the cargo. I helped with the pirates. She destroyed the dragon. Supported the magicians. Supported Janeka (or whatever the name of the gray guard’s magician is). Friendship with Tallis, there was no kiss (Fenris would not have given). Carver died in the wild. Bethany died on the deep paths. Kerana saved. Samson is a templar. Cullen is just darling 🙂

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