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On the world map (not during battles) press the “-” key (next to 0) and enter one of the listed commands.

Expeditions: Viking: Cheat Codes Free Download

Then hit enter.
setmorale Player * number * – Increase the morale of the protagonist
give party * resource * * number * – Get the specified number of selected resources

Note: You can find resources in the lower right corner above them. After that, write the name of the resource with a capital letter, and then the amount you need. For example, if you need 200 herbs, write give party Herbs 200.

Meat – Meat
Medicine – Medicines
Metal – Metal
Oil – Butter
Rations – Food
Rope – Ropes
Valuables – Jewelry
Wood – Wood

Note 2: Each character in the game has a special code. You need to know the background name of the character in order to use the cheat codes. For example, in the case of Ketilla, write setmorale Followers / Wolf 10, which will give him +10 morale.

Nephi – Followers / ShieldMaiden
Ketill – Followers / Wolf
Asleifr – Followers / VanquishedFoe
Roskva – Followers / Witch
Gunnarr – Followers / Berserk
Eydis – Followers / Valkyrie

Weapon and Armor Cheat

giveitem character itemtype tier

character – this is either the character ID, which are indicated above, or enter the party code to get the whole party.
itemtype – Name of weapon or armor.
tier – Item level, from 0 to 5.

Example: giveitem Followers / Wolf armor 3 true (Will give Ketilla a randomly generated armor).

ax – Ax
bow – Bow
daneaxe – Danish ax
knife – Knife
spear – A spear
sling – Sling
sword – Sword
shield – Shield
talisman – Mascot
armor – Armor
helmet – Helmet
hat – A cap

give [character name] xp [number] – Get the specified number of skill points. If you want to give points to the whole party, use the code give party.
weather [type] – Change the weather. Options are: Clear, Sunny, Rainy, Snowy, Overcast, Thunderstorm, Blizzard.
giveallskills [character name] – Open all skills (skills).
pimp or upgrade – Instant upgrades of your settlement.
upgradeall – Maximum upgrade of your settlement.
setpower number – Get the power.
setprosperity number – Get wellbeing.
advancetime (number) – Change the time. You can also specify a negative value: for example, advancetime -24 will rewind time one day back. Be careful with this parameter, as you can cause hunger in your settlement.
spawn character – Sleeping character
spawn party – Party spawn.

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