Fallout 4: Cheat Engine Table (Unlimited Settlement Objects)

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Disables the building limit for your base.

Fallout 4: Cheat Engine Table (Unlimited Settlement Objects) Free Download

1. Download and install Cheat Engine

2.Choose a process

3.Open the downloaded table, activate the Infinite ‘Size table. The second does not need to be activated.

Original in English

Removes the “size” object limit that will stop you building in settlements after you build a certain amount of objects.

This comes in the form of a Cheat Engine table.

1. Download and Install Cheat Engine.
2. Launch Fallout 4, be in your settlement, and in game.
3. Launch Cheat Engine, and press the computer and magnifying glass icon at the top left of the window. Pick the fallout4.exe process.
4. File> Load, select the file you download from here.
5. Make sure the box beside “Infinite ‘Size'” has a red X in it, and the “Don’t Activate” box isn’t ticked.

If you’ve done it correctly your size bar shouldn’t fill up as you continue building.

– I haven’t any issues that arise from using this, however, I’m not responsible for anything going funky or wrong while using this.
– I’ll TRY keep this updated if it breaks. But I’m sure another method will come up that is better than this later anyway! But this does the trick for now.

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