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To activate the console, find the WarInput.ini file in the game data folder [USERNAME] \ Documents \ My Games \ Gears of War for Windows \ Wargame \ Config \ WarInput.ini

Gears of War 2: Cheat Codes Free Download

Find and edit the following lines:

ConsoleKey = Tilde
TypeKey = Tilde
MaxScrollbackSize = 1024
HistoryBot = -1
bEnableUI = True

Save the file.
Create a file in the Gears of War \ Binaries folder, name it eg mod.txt. Write in it:

set WarfareGame.Pawn_COGMarcus DefaultHealth 99999
set WarfareGame.Pawn_COGDom DefaultHealth 99999
set WarfareGameContent.Pawn_COGCarmine DefaultHealth
set WarfareGameContent.Pawn_COGBaird DefaultHealth
set WarfareGameContent.Pawn_COGMinh DefaultHealth
set WarfareGameContent.Pawn_COGGus DefaultHealth
set WarfareGame.Weap_SniperRifle MaxSpareAmmo 999999
set WarfareGame.Weap_Grenade MaxSpareAmmo 999999
set WarfareGame.Weap_AssaultRifle MaxSpareAmmo 999999
set WarfareGameContentWeapons.Weap_Bow MaxSpareAmmo 999999
set WarfareGameContentWeapons.Weap_Boomer MaxSpareAmmo 999999
set WarfareGame.Weap_COGPistol MaxSpareAmmo 999999
set WarfareGame.Weap_LocustAssaultRifle MaxSpareAmmo 999999
set WarfareGame.Weap_LocustPistol MaxSpareAmmo 999999
set WarfareGame.Weap_Shotgun MaxSpareAmmo 999999
set WarfareGame.Weap_AssaultRifle MagSize 999
set WarfareGame.Weap_COGPistol MagSize 999

Start the game.
During the game, open the console with the [~] (tilde) key
In the console enter exec mod.txt and all commands from the file will be activated.

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