Gothic – TLVH: Save Game (Chest with all items) [1.1-0005]

Gothic - TLVH: Save Game (Chest with all items) [1.1-0005]

Two saves for the Long Way Home 1.1 (build 0005). One save was done on GEngine 1.18.2, and the other on SystemPack 1.7 – it’s better for someone. The very beginning of the game, as you limp to the fire, a chest with buns will be waiting for you.

Gothic – TLVH: Save Game (Chest with all items) [1.1-0005] Free Download

Drop the “savegame6” folder with its contents from the downloaded archive into the “saves_TLVH” folder. A save game with the name “save006” will appear in the boot menu, download and indulge.

Gothic The Long Voyage Home 1.1 – New Items List.
All basic codes are the same as in G1.
AML_EBR – Heavy Robe of the Baroness,
AML_PUTA – Confused dress,
ARMOR_KIRA – Kira’s Robe,
ARMOR_LETICIA – Robe of Letizia,
BAB_ARMOR_BUTY_1 – Thief’s Light Robe,
BAB_ARMOR_BUTY_2 – Thief Medium Robe,
BAB_ARMOR_BUTY_3 – Thief’s Heavy Robe,
BAB_CRAULER – Crawler Warrior Carapace Armor,
BAB_GHOSTH – Heavy Ghost Robe,
BAB_GHOSTL – Light Ghost Robe,
BAB_GRD_L – Guardian Light Armor,
BAB_GRD_M – Guardian Medium Armor,
BAB_GUR_M – Guru Robe,
BAB_MAGIE – Ore Armor,
BAB_MAGIE_2 – Enhanced Ore Armor,
BAB_MAGW_H – Superior Robe of Water,
BAB_MAGW_L – Rob water,
BAB_ROBE – Supreme Fire Robe,
BAB_ROBEL – Rob of fire,
BAB_RUD_1 – Simple Miner Pants,
BAB_RUD_2 – Miner’s Pants,
BAB_RUD_3 – Free Mine Miner’s Pants,
BAB_SEXY_4 – Women’s clothing,
BAB_SLD_H – Heavy armor of the mercenary,
BAB_SLD_L – Mercenary Light Armor,
BAB_SLD_M – Mercenary Medium Armor,
BAB_SW_1 – Disciple’s Loincloth,
BAB_SW2 – Light Robe of the novice,
BAB_SW3 – Medium novice robe,
BAB_TPL_H – Heavy Armor Guardian,
BAB_TPL_L – Guardian Light Armor,
BAB_TPL_M – Guardian Medium Armor,
BARONESS – Robe of the Baroness,
BO_L – Pole,
BO_M – Reinforced Pole,
CRUSH_BO – Crushing Pole,
HARPUN – Harpoon,
HEAVY_NAGINATA – Heavy naginata,
URZL_HEAVY_NAGINATA – Heavy Naginata (Reforged),
NAGINATA – Naginata,
QUAD_BO – Crushing Pole,
SPEAR – Spear,
DAGGER_1 – Dagger,
FISK_SCHWERT – Fisk’s Sword,
RAGE_GODDESS – Wrath of the Goddess,
URZL_RAGE_GODDESS – Wrath of the Goddess (reforged),
ITKEY_OB_SMITH_01 – Blacksmith warehouse door key,
ITMI_BAB_SEXY_01 – Rolled up outfit (confused dress),
ITMI_BAB_SEXY_04 – Rolled Up Outfit (Women’s Clothing),
ORG_BRIEF – Recipes Stolen from the Brotherhood,
PRE_1 – Healing herbs,
PRE_2 – Mountain moss,
PRE_3 – Magic Root,
PRE_4 – Powerful Recovery Tool,
SHIELD – Shield,
TOCH – For sharpening swords,
X_P_MAP – Map (font test),
GRD_ARMOR_LL – Kirgo’s Light Armor,
SLD_ARMOR_LL – Mercenary Special Armor,
TPL_ARMOR_LL – Light Armor of Gor Hanis,
BAB_111 – Test armor (no model),
RZLN_ARMOR_V0 – Armor 1 (no model),
RZLN_ARMOR_V1 – Armor 2 (no model).
by Liori

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