Grand Theft Auto 5: Cheat (SP HACK) – [Cheat Engine] – patch 1.33+ (all tunables)

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This hack contains all things ,

Grand Theft Auto 5: Cheat (SP HACK) – [Cheat Engine] – patch 1.33+ (all tunables) Free Download

eg: add money, increase RP rank, GodMode, magic bullets and more ..

Beware of other players who might report you. 
If you will be using money and RP cheating, I do not recommend increasing the rank above 1,000+, because players can throw reports on you.



1) Start Gta V.
2) Run the Script 
3) Open the list of processes
4) Select -GTA5.exe (not -GTAVLauncher.exe).
5) A menu pops up, press YES (Yes)

It is not recommended to set a value above 15,000

Application examples
To get RP, select RP_MULTIPLIER and change it to your value (for example, if you get 700 experience per race, then if you set the value to 10, you will get not 700 but 7000 experience) – to get RP (you need to complete a task, race, rob a store, and so on (anyway, for which experience is awarded),

To get money select IMPROPTU_RACE_CASH and change the value (to a larger number) 
then start the race and after the finish you will receive money
Click To start the improvisation race, approach a friend in the game, click on the interaction menu (By default, the M button)

Race winnings must be no more than 15 million
If you choose a large value and the winning amount is more than 15 million, then you will not receive them.

Use at your own risk and fear

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