Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V): Cheat (Dura v2.2.0 UPD: 02/07/2019) [1.46]

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Dura free mod menu for Steam and Social Club version.

Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V): Cheat (Dura v2.2.0 UPD: 02/07/2019) [1.46] Free Download

Added cars from the “Nightlife” update and are available in story mode. The archive contains a dll file that needs to be injected into Extreme Injector. We go into the story mode, minimize and launch Extreme Injector, having previously unpacked all the archives in a convenient place, but not in the game folder. Press Select and select the GTA 5. Press Settings and Start in Secure Mode so that the anti-cheat protection does not ignite the injector, make sure that the Stealth Inject and Close on Inject are checked. In the Scrambling Options section, select Extreme and click on the Scramble DLL to encrypt the original Dura Free.dll file, select it and save the new one. Then we check the boxes in the Post-Inject Options section for Erase PE and Hide Module so that the anti-cheat does not detect DLLs, but most modern anti-cheats can easily detect DLLs even if these parameters are enabled, so be sure to select Manual Map in the Injection Methods section. Then click Add DLL, select the Dura Free_Scrambled.dll encrypted file and Inject. F8 activation. Scroll down / up Num 2/8. Function selection Num 5 / Enter. Right / Left Num 6/4. Return / close menu Num 0 / Backspace. Download Xenos Injector 2.3.0 or Xenos Injector 2.3.2.

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