Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V): Cheat (Money Hack v19) [1.37]

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Name: Grand Theft Auto V Money Hack

Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V): Cheat (Money Hack v19) [1.37] Free Download

Short description: Bot for making money and level

Detailed description:
Automatic bot that teleports to the race,
starts it for you and then automatically teleports to the finish line, thereby giving you 200 RP and $ 1000

Version: 19

Author: BluhhBluhhTom

Activation: L key

Bot operation description:

1) Launches our GTA 5
2) Open the bot
4) The bot automatically detects your version of the game (Steam or Social)
5) Create a private session with friends!
6) We get into the car
7) Go to passive mode (do not press anything)
8) Press the L key (also serves to pause)
9) We leave for afk
10) Profit: D

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