Grand Theft Auto: Vice City: Save Game (Start save “Philanthropist” / Pusher, or Lot’s Wife)


Obtained Rosenberg’s Armored Admiral from the start of the game.


The save is made in the game version 1.1. The game is in English, no interference in the code was made, trainers, CLEO and mods were not installed.

The method of obtaining the armored “Admiral” Rosenberg from the beginning of the game is based on the method shown in the video:

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City: Save Game (Start save “Philanthropist” / Pusher, or Lot’s Wife) Free Download

This is the least cheating method of all, it does not require intrusion into the game code (which is considered unacceptable by the author). Moreover, with a successful introduction, the cheat game does not count and does not lower the criminal rating, so legally we get a clean save. The author has a negative attitude to cheats, but admits their use in cases where there is no more honest way to extract TCB. However, the author is not against “bugging”, such as passing through the textures to the second island or using repetitions of dressing up and activating the rampage: within the game, you can indulge in anything. Bagouzanye can give the game a surreal, mystical touch.

Conditions met by the author when creating a save:
at the beginning, no more than three vehicles should explode (sometimes four explodes),
Tommy shouldn’t kill anyone (hence the name of the save),
the amount of damage after the explosion at the beginning must be no more than $ 9999,
the amount of damage should not have increased by the time of saving,
when stopping a firefighter mission, fire victims should not be attributed to Tommy (you must stop the mission at the right time),
a shot will never sound anywhere (shooting can spoil the accuracy statistics),
no wanted stars, no media attention to Tommy’s person,
do not pick up bribes, health, armor, weapons, do not take other people’s things and money,
The explosion cheat should never be counted (sometimes a warning is triggered).

Rampage was deliberately left untouched (ramp failures do not affect statistics in any way): bottles were thrown so that no one and nothing was hurt.
The four “killed by others” are victims of fights or the police. Tommy is not involved.
Three destroyed vehicles are the consequences of the starting explosion: “Admiral”, a motor scooter and a car near the Harrison Hotel.
Tommy didn’t drive, but he was in the fire truck. The radio never turned on, but the favorite station is Flash FM, which would have worked if Tommy got into the usual Admiral at the very beginning (songs by Michael Jackson, Laura Branigan, etc.).
The firefighter’s mission is completed completely and flawlessly the first time, fireproof is obtained, i.e. protection from fire.
Completed firefighter mission + buying one house gave 1% completion of the game.
Only as many changes were made as was required to complete the firefighter’s mission.
The garage was opened only twice – for pushing in and for checking. Save immediately after verification.

Rating – 215, Clepto.

The save took 27 minutes to create, only one save was made since the start of the game.


Introductory videos have already been watched (although for some this may be a plus).

During the passage, the following explanatory inscriptions appeared (and, therefore, will no longer appear):

“Press the RET or F button to enter or exit a vehicle”.
“Follow the pink blip to find the hotel”.

“Press the UP or W button to accelerate”.
“Press the LEFT or A, and the RIGHT or D, to steer the vehicle”.
“Press the DOWN or S button to brake, or to reverse if the vehicle has stopped”.
“Press the RCTLR, SPC or RMB button to apply the vehicle’s handbrake”.

“Storm warning: All bridges to the mainland are closed” (a corresponding speech was also given by the announcer).

“Use the NUM0, LCTRL or LMB button to fire the water cannon. Aim using NUM4 and NUM5 “.
“To turn on this vehicle’s sirens tap the LSHIFT or RSHIFT button”.
“Fire Truck Mission level 12 complete. You are now completely fireproof !! “

“When a Clothes Pickup is collected, a one star or two star wanted level will be cleared”.

Also, you will no longer see the purchase pick-up and the video about buying an apartment in Lynx-View. Also, the accompanying explanatory notes will not appear:

“Press the TAB button to purchase Links View Apartment for $ 6000”.
“Links View Apartment purchased: $ 6000”.
“You can now save your game here when not on a mission”.
“You can also store vehicles in this garage”.

Due to the urgency of the game situation, traffic rules were not observed (is this recorded by invisible statistics?!). The remains were knocked down about a dozen lanterns and traffic lights, but not a single person and trash can was crushed. About a dozen other people’s cars were scratched, but none of this was included in the damage statistics. Possibly because the remains were causing the damage, not Tommy.
The car is unsuccessfully delivered to the garage: it is crooked, you will have to drive backwards.
Tommy wears different clothes.

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