Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb: Advice (Remedy for the breakneck speed of the game)

Many gamers who have tried this wonderful game complain about the frenzied speed of the gameplay, which arises from the discrepancy between their CPUs. Sometimes the game accelerates to such a speed that it finally becomes shitty to play …: (After all, of course, it’s unpleasant when Indy runs, jumps, in general, does everything, as one dude put it, at the speed of light :)) I, too, with this when I ran into something, but…
It’s one thing to have a powerful percentage (preferably Intel) with Pentyukh 4, and another thing to play on a weak computer, and even with useless RAM. Therefore, there is one way to slow down the game..
1) Turn on the game and load any level (current is not a movie, but a game one)
2) Minimize the game and call the task manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del)
3) Go to the Processes tab and click on indy.exe RMB – Set correspondence
4) Next, in the next window, uncheck all the CPUs, except for CPU1
After completing all the steps, go back into the game (after closing the dispatcher) and check.
Should work.
Have a good game!!! 🙂

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