Mass Effect 1/2/3: Save Game (Female, Jane Shepard, Earthling, War Hero)

Female character Jane Shepard. Earthling. War hero
MS1 Absolutely all survived, even the freak Balakh), completed everything except the training station (it was lazy)
(There was no romance with anyone) (full hero)
Rex survived
Kaidan died next to the bomb

Mass Effect 1/2/3: Save Game (Female, Jane Shepard, Earthling, War Hero) Free Download

Ashley survived by the Salarians
Queen Rachny survived
(down and out fan alive and will be in 3 parts too)
council saved
Lieutenant Anderson – Council
Soldier class (change later)
level somewhere (30-40 + -)

Ms2 Same
Still Spectrum
All survived –
Zayed (loyal) (Peacefully)
Samara (loyal) (Morint killed)
Jack (loyal) (no Grudge against Miranda)
Grunt (loyal) (…….
Garrus (loyal) (romance (* not with Kelly *))
Tali (Loyal) (no grudge against the Legion)
Kasumi (loyal) (data saved)
Jacob (loyal) (Father survived)
Miranda (loyal) (spoke to her sister)
Thane (loyal) (Son not hurt)
Legion (loyal) (rewritten Heretics)
(Liara at the gray intermediary station)
Mordin (loyal Krogan medicine intact)
Hero actions only

Assault class (change later)
level somewhere (51-55 + -)

ms3 all the same (Why part 3? xs to be) (readiness of the universe 100% in the last save 6600-6800 combat readiness
passed everything, live everything except the key ones – Mordin, Thain, Legion, Morint (Daughter of Samara)
Romance further with Garrus
just if you are too lazy to pass

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