Mount & Blade: Cheat Codes

Mount & Blade: Codes

In The Folder With The Game, Find The File “RGL_CONFIG.TXT“, Open It WITH A NOTEPAD AND FIND THE STRING:

“cheat_mode = 0”

Change to:

“cheat_mode = 1”

Save and Run The Game.

During The Game, USE The Following Keys During Screen Indication:

Ctrl + T – Toggle Truesight (See All Parties) Map
Ctrl + X – Add 1000 xp
Ctrl + F5 – AI Fights for You
Ctrl + F4 – One Hit Kills
Ctrl + H – Full Health
Ctrl + X – Add 1000 Gold
Ctrl + F9 – Slow Motion
Ctrl + Left Click – Teleport to Cursor
HOLD CTRL + SPACE BAR – Speed ​​Up Time
Ctrl + W – Upgrade Weapon Skill for Your Character

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