Mount & Blade – Prophesy of Pendor: Cheat [3.9.2]

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Mount & Blade – Prophesy of Pendor: Cheat [3.9.2] Free Download

Since I was asked by one person to make a mod for the Prophesy of Pendor, I decided to take a chance and sketch it for you. Later, I think to do it for all factions. In appearance, the mod personally attracted me for a long time, and I sometimes heard something about it, in general, according to the assurances of the fans of the game, the mod is not bad and is more or less optimized / finished.

To use this modification by me, you should send the file from this archive to the root of the game. I have a path like this: D: \ Games \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ MountBlade Warband \ Modules \ Prophesy of Pendor V3.9.2 The original file should be saved instead of replaced!

This mod does not affect incentive achievements!

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