Payday 2: Cheat (PiratePerfection Reborn) [1.1.2f – BLT Edition] – Updated Version: 08/17/2016

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Cheat mod for PayDay 2 – BLT version.

Payday 2: Cheat (PiratePerfection Reborn) [1.1.2f – BLT Edition] – Updated Version: 08/17/2016 Free Download

In the Menu / Lobby:
Num 1 – Main menu / Settings
Num 2 – Mission start menu
Num – – Music menu
Num + – Planning menu
F1 – HELP menu
F5 – Teleportation Points (In game), Localization Menu, Settings Profiles

In Game:
Num 1 – Character menu 
Num 2 – Stealth menu
Num 3 – Spawn menu for characters and packages
Num 4 – Troll menu
Num 5 – Various tricks
Num 6 – Ext. items in inventory, bags spawn, money, equipment change, bag handling modifications
Num 7 – Weapon menu
Num 8 – Weapon change
Num 9 – Contract menu
F1 – Help Menu
F2 – Menu mod
F4 – Carry Stack (Ability to take several bags in hand)
End – End the day
X – Highlight NPC
SCM – Teleport to the aiming point
five – Equipment installation (Pharmacies, cases with bags, turrets, etc.)

Installation: Unpack the files from the archive into the folder with the installed game, confirming the replacement of files (if necessary).

By default, PAYDAY 2 is located here:
C: \ Program Files (x86)\ Steam \ SteamApps \ common \ PAYDAY 2 \
You can have it installed on a different disk or in a different root directory.
The end of the path should invariably look like this:
* \ SteamApps \ common \ PAYDAY 2 \

Changelog PPR 1.1.2f:

  • Updated Anti-anti-cheat under Update 100
  • Apparently there are some other minor edits because the version of the mod has not changed, but the update came out twice. And the version from June 7 does not work for many anymore.

On my own, I added some settings directly to the config:

  • Russian is enabled by default.
  • All creeping lines and other unnecessary textual nonsense are turned off.
  • Enabled the ignore of civilians and cameras for the command “Kill All”
  • Enabled to restart Pro missions
Payday 2: Cheat (PiratePerfection Reborn) [1.1.2f - BLT Edition] - Updated Version: 08/17/2016

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