Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within: Tips And Tactics

When you need to activate two towers, it is best to go to the one that on the map on the left side. On the way, you will meet a healthy stone gramile (2 times) and a new type of enemies in red clothes (they are stronger than the preventive enemies and harder to kill). In the mechanical jam you need to kill the new enemies first, then press the button and empty the wall, but you need to wait until it stops, as you will not have time to jump on it, press the second time, turn on the slow time, jump onto the wall, grasp for the cable and rake. Next, you need to kill two new enemies, run along the wall, kill two more, turn on the slowdown time, sit down once again on the wall, grab the stick and jump from one to another, turn the lever, run on a kind of elevator. When he rises to run along the wall and jump from one to another. Then there is a healthy gramist. Having won it to you close to the tower.

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