Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within: Tips And Tactics

Replenishment of health-1 at the very beginning after two poles (which naturally do not stand).
Top on the bridge, to the left of the entrance there is a wall running up, jumping, pass around the wall of the screams of Lokhov Beam Vases there is a button, up the stairs (current quickly) there and moisten, but you will not be welcome.
2 – where towers at the bottom
3-in the second tower, try to Ninji then on the stairs to a pretty descent and fabric only in the entrance We pass moving the lever of the loach, there is a hidden entrance
4-Where you activate 2 tanks at the top in the room with a lever.
5 – I wash the chick in the black boulder move and rushed again.
6th somewhere in 1 tower
7 in the library where the window is broken.

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