Rebel Galaxy Outlaw: Cheat Engine Table [UPD: 19.08.2018] {Csimbi}

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Anyway, here’s an AOB script that gives you:

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw: Cheat Engine Table [UPD: 19.08.2018] {Csimbi} Free Download

Cargo Hold Capacity Pointers; so you can haul more goods around.
Cash pointer; change it to whatever you like
Max Armor; keeps armor at max (more or less God mode)
Max Shield; keeps shield at max (more or less God mode)
Max Power Capacity; keeps your stored power at max so you can fire indefinitely (infinite power supply)
Infinite ammo; does what it says for Dumbfire missiles at least, see if it works for other ammo-based weapons.
Boost Mod; scales your max boost speed and boost acceleration. Speed-o-meter won’t display> 999 though


Jump Drive Fuel Consumption Mod; scales the amount of fuel taken when you use a jump gate. Set to 0.0 for infinite fuel.
Refire Speed ​​Mod; scales the refire rate of your cannons (I don’t have any turrets yet, might work for those, too).
Missile Refire Speed ​​Mod; same deal as previous, but this one’s for your missiles.
Player Reputation; this is basically a set of pointers to the values. At this point, it is unclear to me which value is what. So, if you see them changing, please note whom you helped / offended so we can set the correct faction names in the table. Thanks!

Tested and works without changes until v1.09.


I am done with the campaign, so I don’t think there’ll be more updates coming any soon.
Ta ta!

Update # 1
Seems CE 7.0 release is taking a bit longer than expected, so I added a 6.x compatible script.
You may still get a warning about a newer version of CE, but ignore that, it will work.
Also, works without changes with 1.06.

Update # 2
Added Infinite ammo.

Update # 3
Added Missile Refire Speed ​​Mod.

Update # 4
Added Jump Drive Fuel Consumption Mod.

Update # 5
Added Player Reputation.

Update # 6
Added Cargo Hold Capacity Pointers.

Startup process:
1. Start Cheat Engine, “Load” and select a table
2. “Select a process to open”, select the desired process.
3. Select the option you want, put a cross.

You can download Cheat Engine from our server here.

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