Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3: Cheat (MrMuzzle’s cheat mod)

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I did it for myself, since in my 50s, the reaction is not so good, but I don’t like using trainers,

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3: Cheat (MrMuzzle’s cheat mod) Free Download

decided to share.

The mod is made on the basis of the repack from Khatab in 1.01

Replace archives Scripts.p1.pak, Scripts.p2.pak, Scripts.p3.pak, Scripts.pak from the GameSDK folder,
PRE-BACKING THEM, archives from folders Default OR Safari.

After the prologue, reaching the safehouse, you immediately get:
SR25 + silencer, bipod, both magazines, sight 4-14-24-34, ammunition with advanced magazines now 120 rounds.
HER-Steel + collimator, silencer, etc., ammunition with standard magazines is now 360 rounds.
Colt Rail, etc….
After a couple of missions, get the bulk of sniper camo, Glock, Polish PKM, drone modifications.
Mufflers for colt, sv98, sr25, ak, m110, dragunov, pkm, gloka – eternal.
The drone flies further, higher, longer, you no longer need battery upgrades.

Difference between Default and Safari
In Default, difficulty and growth by skills are the same as in the original
In Safari, the difficulty is below the plinth, skills grow much faster, give more

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