Star Wars: The Force Unleashed: Cheat Codes [PC]

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Complete the first mission to unlock Rogue Shadow..

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed: Cheat Codes [PC] Free Download

Then open the Enter Code option in the Extras menu and enter the following codes:

SOHNDANN – All suits
ADEGAN – Maximum rank laser saber (throwing)
KATARN – Maximum Strength Skill Level
EXARKUN – Maximum push force level
DATHOMIR – Maximum level of reflection by Force
LIGHTSABER – Maximum damage with laser saber
HURRIKANE – All crystals to laser saber (activating this cheat will result in the loss of all laser sabers related to the Holocrons of this saved game)
OSSUS – Open all databases
JOCASTA – All talents
MOLDYCROW – All combos
BRUTALSTAB – New Combo: Lightsaber Impale
DARAGON – New Combo: Sith Saber Slash
EETHKOTH – New Combo: Aerial Assault
FREEDON – New combo
KITFISTO – New Combo: Saber Sling
LUMIYA – New Combo: Sith Saber Flurry
MARAJADE – New combo
MASSASSI – New Combo: Lightning Bomb
PLOKOON – New Combo: Saber Slam
RAGNOS – New Combo: Lightning Grenade
SAZEN – New Combo: Sith Saber Throw
VENTRESS – New Combo: Aerial Ambush
YADDLE – New Combo: Aerial Blast
VICEROY – Bail Organa
MASTERMIND – Emperor Palpatine
MANDALORE – General Ram Kota
HARDBOILED – General Ram Kota (tipsy)
HOLOCRON – Jedi Adventure Robes
DANTOOINE – Jedi Ceremonial Robes
TK421GREEN – Kashyyk stormtrooper
WOOKIEE – Rob Kento
FERRAL – Scout stormtrooper
BLACKHOLE – Shadow stormtrooper
KORRIBAN – Sith Stalker Armor
TK421WHITE – Stormtrooper
TK421BLUE – Stormtrooper commander
MINDTRICK – Mirror Levels

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