Starbound: Character Editor, Ship, Inventory, Items (Starcheat x64)

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The ability to edit weapons, Modules NES, Pet Collars, game difficulty, ship level, maximum amount of fuel on the ship (by mind 1000), devices in the electrical installation station (different delays, for doors, lights) and many other useful things.

Starbound: Character Editor, Ship, Inventory, Items (Starcheat x64) Free Download

1.unpack to any folder
2. make a copy of the save to any Starbound \ storage \ player
3.Place the file from the python34.dll archive into windows \ system32 starcheat.exe the path to the game my instructions to the end (preferably) save only with closed game, do not start 2 editors, 2 games

by double-clicking on an empty cell in the inventory, write the name of the thing you want to change into the filter, there will be a code in it, and change.

for example, for “modules not” in the augment column after effects, add the following:

“lowgravaugment”, low gravity
“regenerationaugment3”, permanent regeneration
“jumpboostaugment”, a slight increase in jumping ability
“lightaugment3”, the glow is strong
“runboostaugment”, a slight increase in speed
“thornsaugment”, monsters take the same damage they do to you
“maxenergyboostaugment3” energy increase

you can add another increase in hp and damage, but this is for an amateur, however, it is much more interesting to play with maneuverability

for example, for a weapon (I have a granadlauncher) in the primaryAbility column, after the existing code, before the closing quote, add:

“inaccuracy”: 0.1, if this line is missing, the shells will overlap each other and look like 1 shell, this will increase the damage without visual effects
“projectileCount”: 5 projectiles fired at a time

do not forget about commas, if it is incorrectly written below the red inscription

with pets, the same as with modules, you can make a peaceful glowing one passing through the walls, or you can make a ruthless killer with HP regen, high damage and a strong explosion after death (against bosses, that’s it)

I do not advise you to put everything right away, it will simply not be interesting, but selectively adding something will be much more interesting. For example, using a triple jump + gravity + an increase in jump power is very easy not to fall into lava, or crash to death in front of the ground, it will be much easier to press the spacebar than to fall at a speed faster than your fps.

I can also add if someone suddenly lags the game: on the right side of the nvidia panel-> control 3d-> the Starbound executor program, 2.highly productive. percent Nvidia, 3.Vertical synchro-pulse ON. save apply and everything is ok

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