StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void – tips and tactics for playing

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void

StarСraft II: Legacy of the Void Is the third and final game in the StarCraft II trilogy. Legacy of the Void is a RTS game developed by Blizzard, released on November 10, 2015. Naturally, these recommendations for beginners, many secrets and aspects in this article will not be revealed, but the very idea of ​​winning, we will touch upon. So let’s get started …

# 1 – Economy

Everything, in fact, that you build in StarCraft 2, strongly asks for crystals or gas. It is necessary to properly assign at least 2 collectors to any crystal. For any Geyser – at least 3.


# 2 – Extraction of resources.

Constantly develop and expand your loot level. Build gatherers as soon as the Geyser is built – set off to find a new one. A special tip to the Terrans: Build auxiliary command centers at the lead base, and dispatch them here to familiar gas and mineral fields.


# 3 – Don’t be stingy.

Don’t save money for later. Let all your resources work for you. As soon as the amount you need was noticed – make units, build buildings, develop technologies. Accumulated 200 units of crystals or gas – use immediately. More than 600 have accumulated – then shame on you.

# 4 – Attack quickly with the Zergs.

Build a Zerg incubator, which will give you the larvae, and then the spawning pool in order to transform the larvae into zerling. As soon as this happened – we immediately continuously rush the enemy, carry out harassing attacks, do not let him develop (without forgetting to develop himself).

# 5 – Stop Zerg Rush.

And now your rival is the protagonist of the fourth council. If you are a Terran, then block the road with a base and set up marines behind them. They will be able to hide behind houses and kill zerg, while they gnaw on buildings. If they managed to build a bunker, then all the chiki-bunks. If you play as Protos, then only a few Zealots will initially be able to withstand a small amount of Zerg damage.


# 6 – Watch your own replays.

Any match is automatically registered and recorded, and the impact of the enemy also. Watch replays, analyze your own influences, notice your own mistakes. This tip will help you in the future and hone your strategy.


# 7 – Send a scout every time.

The scout will be able to warn you about an impending attack, will allow you to find out the degree of the enemy’s formation and choose the moment when it will be possible to strike. When the match comes, then you should send the collector, then change it to military units – one by one to the most dangerous directions.

# 8 – Group your army.

Your troops are a herd of sheep. In a cheerful, but not friendly crowd, they will stroll around without any goal and shoot in different directions. Use the command (Ctrl + number key) in order to assemble some kind of group (a help group, a cover group, or a strike group). Focus the fire of one or another group manually on certain enemies in order to kill opponents 2 times sharper …

Grouping army

# 9 – Drive at the micro level.

It is not in vain that every race in Starcraft 2, each type of unit has its own skills. Their importance has been repeatedly confirmed by both authors and gamers. With the right use of these abilities, you can change the outcome of the battle. You should not neglect them, let alone forget about them …

№10 – Your plan of the initial formation.

Erecting buildings, developing technology and making units at the very beginning of the game “kick off” is a waste of resources and a sure way to defeat. Establish a normal order (depending on the enemy himself) for example: TERRAN – erecting 5 SCVs, 2 warehouses, a barracks, a reactor, erecting five infantrymen, defended the 1st attack, building a bunker, building a tank factory, etc. This will undoubtedly help free up brain resources for strategic conclusions and stay ahead of the enemy in time. Create this line and bring it to automatism …


# 11 – Learn Hot Keys

It is also possible here to click with the mouse, pointing at the opponents and yell “destroy them”. But this method is for beginners. Learn and memorize the hotkeys, start with construction – for example, you can erect buildings with just 1 mouse click. The savings are almost 150-250 clicks.


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