State of Decay 2: Save Editor (Community Editor Version 4.0.27a – 4.1.17)


State of Decay 2 save editor for the latest version of the game + pirate.

Launch on pirates.

Method # 1 Rename the Steam folder in the saves to Epic and open, edit, everything works … then do not forget to rename Epic again on Steam (since the pirate was made on Steam.

State of Decay 2: Save Editor (Community Editor Version 4.0.27a – 4.1.17) Free Download

Version, if you forget to rename, the game will start over, well, you must understand this is a steam release and not an epic)) Who does not remember, the path is here AppData \ Local \ StateOfDecay2 \ Saved \ here
there will be three folders Config, Logs, and Steam (sometimes Cooked or Paks is the folder / and mods).

Method # 2 For pirates, there is another secret to open the save without renaming the Steam folder in Epic .. so that the community editor does not delete the save. You need to find two text files with the Steam_emu.ini and Origin extension in the game folder where the game is installed .ini (location path
State of Decay 2 Juggernaut Edition \ Engine \ Binaries \ ThirdParty \ DreamWorks \ Steamv132 \ Win64 \ there will be Origins.ini and steam_emu.ini), change the word Player to your nickname, then save
changes … Next, start the game, and run a little so that the changes fit into the save, and exit. Now you can safely always edit via the community editor State of Decay 2 without saving risk! (I did not try to launch it on the network, it seems like it changes the nickname Codex to your …) “ps (try instructions from previous versions)

How to use the State of Decay 2 community editor


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