Stranded Deep: Cheat Mod (Creative Mod + Item Spawner) [0.03H3 64 / 32Bit] [V1.9.2] {WinnB} [UPDATED]

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Stranded Deep: Cheat Mod (Creative Mod + Item Spawner) [0.03H3 64 / 32Bit] [V1.9.2] {WinnB} [UPDATED] Free Download

for version 0.03.

What can be crafted with this mod ?: 

Stick Spawn Menu = palm frond, stick spawner, crude ax, ax, crude hammer, hammer, crude knife, knife
Palm Frond Spawn Menu = rope, crude spear, spear gun, machete, lighter, flashlight, lantern, torch
Rope Spawn Menu = rock, goggles, flippers, air tank, paddle, flare gun, flare, compass
Rock Spawn Menu = rock shard, bucket, whistle, binoculars, digital camera, buoy, sea mine, hard case
Rock Shard Spawn Menu = engine, console 1, console 2, console 3, locker 1, locker 2, locker 3, locker 4
Engine Spawn Menu = engine pump, toolbox, cabinet, antibiotics, antivenom, bandage, morphine, vitamins
Carburetor Spawn Menu = fuel tank, bed, fire pit, fire spit, small palm tree, medium palm tree, large palm tree, extra large palm tree
Fuel Tank Spawn Menu = propeller, mangrove tree 1, mangrove tree 2, mangrove tree 3, potato plant, yucca plant, scrub bush, ficus plant
Propeller Spawn Menu = duct tape, tiger shark, tiger shark ragdoll, great white shark, great white shark ragdoll, blacktip reef shark, blacktip reef shark ragdoll, whale
Duct Tape Spawn Menu = camp fire, marlin, marlin ragdoll, sting ray, sting ray ragdoll, sea turtle, sea turtle ragdoll, fish trap
Camp Fire Spawn Menu = cloth, sea fort 1, sea fort 2, sea fort 3, sea fort bridge, sea fort bridge broken, ship panel, shipwreck
Cloth Spawn Menu = stick, crashed plane, small ship bow, sunken row boat, large ship bow, short deck yacht, long deck yacht, UFO
Foundation Raft Spawn Menu = boat motor, yellow raft, tented raft


This mod, called “Semi Creative Mod”, created by WinnB, makes it possible to cheat.

For all buildings (except for the Foundation) nothing is needed, and for crafting, you only need 1 stick.

+ This version adds the ability to spawn ALL items from the game. (Including: Palms and decorations)


Data – Throw in: “Disk installation. Game / Stranded_deep_data /” (Without quotes)


CRAFTINGCOMBINATIONS.JSON – Item spawner. (Got Stick Spawner)

BUILDINGCOMBINATIONS.JSON – Nothing is required for buildings. (Foundation requires 1 stick)

ChangeLog / What’s new in the update: 


Added windows.

Minor bugs fixed.


Fixed Bugs.


Fixed Bugs.


Optionally, you can make a Back-up if you want to remove the mod soon.

Last check:

On patch 0.03H3

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