Terraria: Cheat (Creative Mod) [ Vanilla] [0.4] [UDP 07/18/20]

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– Added the ability to reveal the entire map (in multiplayer – the loaded part)
– Added C # REPL (Realtime Evaluation Print Loop) from ModdersToolkit.
– A few more minor bug fixes
– UI Scale is always set to 100% since a great value breaks the display of the mod’s UI
– Pressing the creative switch now forces the Journey menu to open

Terraria: Cheat (Creative Mod) [ Vanilla] [0.4] [UDP 07/18/20] Free Download

If you installed previous versions of the Terraria cheat mod, you can delete the files from the game folder:
ReLogic.dll (Not to be confused with ReLogic.Native.dll !)

The mod allows you to use the Journey Mode cheat menu in any world, as well as open all available items in the “Dupa” window. Among other things, there is a Fly hack and instant revival.
Controls can be changed during gameplay (while in the world) in the Controls tab.

Installation of Terraria creative mode mod:

Place Terraria.ModKit.exe game folder and run it. Do NOT rename in any way Terraria.exe. At startup, a console will open in which all errors and their stack trace will be displayed, after which the game itself will start, and the version of the mod will be displayed in the main menu along with the version of the game.

The default buttons can be changed during gameplay in the Controls tab:
Num0 – Toggle panel mod (during game)
Num5 – Open all items in the journey (creative) menu.
Num3 – Open the entire bestiary.
Num7 – Close the whole bestiary.
Num4 – Enable Fly hack.
[- Increase Fly hack speed.
] – Reduce speed for Fly Hack’a
RMB with an open card on M – teleport to cursor

The bottom panel contains the following buttons:
1. Switches the current difficulty of the world to Journey, which allows you to use the creative menu on the left.
2. Toggles Fly hack. Recommended to be used with equipped wings / god mode enabled. when flying through blocks you can crash.
3. Switches god mode. You will not receive any damage and you will also have an infinite supply of mana.
4. Activates the menu for switching the complexity of the world. The panel above will open where the buttons will switch the difficulty from left to right: Adventure -> Normal -> Expert -> Master.
5. Reveals the entire minimap. In multiplayer, only reveals the loaded area
6. Opens the REPL console which allows you to change the values ​​of the game “On the fly”


“In hand” -> means that he is selected on the hotbar.
Main.LocalPlayer.HeldItem.damage = 30; // Set the damage of the item in hand to 30 units.
Main.LocalPlayer.HeldItem.type = 4; // The item in hand will become an Iron Sword. Item IDs can be found on the wiki.
Main.LocalPlayer.HeldItem.stack = 100; // Set the amount of item in hand to 100
Main.LocalPlayer.HeldItem.prefix = 81; // Set the prefix of the item in hand to Legendary. ID prefixes can be found on the wiki.
NPC.NewNPC ((int) Main.LocalPlayer.position.X, (int) Main.LocalPlayer.position.Y-300, 636);
// Summons (636) Empress of Light above the player. Doesn’t work on the server. You can look at the ID on the wiki. Replace 636 with the desired ID.

Please, if you come across an error, send at least screenshots of the logs / error messages

Possible problems:
Could not load file or assembly “Terraria, Version =”
Either you launch the bootloader from outside the game folder, or the game file is corrupted / renamed.
Check the integrity of the game files

Terraria Creative Mod panel is not visible / moved down
Try changing the screen resolution or setting the UI Scale parameter in the settings to 100%

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