The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim: Save Game (Start, after escaping from Helgen)

Name: Tremere [Patriarch],
Race: Nord,
Level: 100.

Health: 100,000, Magic: 100,000, Stamina: 100,000, Carry Weight: 1,000,000.
Regeneration of health, magic, stamina: 100000 per second.
Resistance to all types of damage (physical, magical, elemental).

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim: Save Game (Start, after escaping from Helgen) Free Download

Tu`um’s cooldown time: 0 sec.
Dragon Souls Usable: 919.
Usable Ability Points: 80.
All skills are developed by 100.
Learned all the spells that can be obtained during the game (there are no spells inaccessible to the player).
The character is immortal. That is, if your health scale drops completely, you, like any immortal NPC, will fall on one knee.
As a bonus there are four talents: Summon Spectral Assassin, Cloak of Shadows Nocturnal, Nightingale Deception, Nightingale Strife.

Daedric set (no shield) enchanted to resist damage if GG is a vampire.
No weapons.
Perfect healing potion (300), stamina (300), magic (300), blood potion (300), deadly poison (300).
Azura’s Star, Black Star, Skeleton Key, Black Soul Gem (full) (300).
Gold: 999000000,
Gold Bar (300), Silver Bar (300), Flawless Diamond (300).

He fled from Helgen with Khadvar. Not a single task has been completed. The character was made for the purpose of testing / passing various modifications and plugins. 

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