The Escapists: Table for the Cheat Engine

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1.Launch the game

The Escapists: Table for the Cheat Engine Free Download

2. Run the downloaded file
3.Go into the game, get out of bed, press ESC
4.Select the process in the upper left corner of the Cheat Engine “The escapists”
5.Click Player Stats and we have a plate below from Cash, Health (Change only correct value), Health, Heat, Fatigue, Strength, Sped, Intellect 
6. In the Value section, enter the number we need
7.Go into the game, rejoice

P.S In the table you can see 2 Health (Change only correct value) I do not recommend touching 1 of them because a bug will happen and you will die by yourself it is best to pump up strength, speed and intelligence to lie down in the infirmary and then freeze for 50.

Download CheatEngine from our server you can here.

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