The Forest: Table for Cheat Engine [UPD: 12.08.2017] {Vlad-00003}

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Available options:

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  1. Easy Build
    –This script allows you to build any layout without using resources by simply holding E
  2. Infinite Items
    –Endless items. Sets the amount of an item to the maximum possible. If there is no maximum, bet 100,000. DOES NOT WORK WITH ARROWS!
  3. Infinite Logs
    –Makes the logs in hand endless. What for? Hmm … well, you can spam the whole map with them =)
  4. Infinite Fuel For Axes + light settings
    –Makes the supply of “fuel” at an ax wrapped in rags infinite, and also allows you to adjust the radius of light from such an ax.
    ATTENTION! The light intensity setting is not working at the moment!
    Player Scripts + pointers
    –This script gives you access to many pointers and other scripts..
  5. Infinite Health
    –Infinite health. Contains pointers to health. I advise you to use a script, and not freeze the value – freezing will not save you from instant death if you fall =)
  6. Infinite Stamina
    –Endless energy. Contains pointers to Stamina (current energy) and energy (maximum energy value). Use a script or freeze – it’s up to you. There will be no difference.
  7. No thirst
    –Lack of thirst. Contains a pointer to the current thirst value; use script or freeze – it’s up to you. There will be no difference.
  8. No hunger
    –No hunger. Contains a pointer to the current satiety value. Use a script or freeze – it’s up to you. There will be no difference.
  9. BatteryCharge
    –A pointer to the current charging values ​​at the flashlight. Freeze so your flashlight does not require batteries.
  10. Infinite Air + no screen cover
    –Infinite oxygen. It also removes the effect of water on the screen, completely clearing it. Also contains a script that ONLY makes oxygen infinite.
  11. Speed ​​and Height
    –This group contains pointers on the speed of the character
    • Walk Speed ​​(def = 6.5) –Walking speed
    • Run Speed ​​(def = 13.5) –Running speed
    • Strafe Speed ​​(def = 6) –Side speed
    • Crouch Speed ​​(def = 4.5) –Squat movement speed
    • Swimming Speed ​​(def = 3.75) –Travel speed in water
                maxDiveVelocity (def = 6.5) –Maximum acceleration under water
                maxSwimVelocity (def = 3) –Maximum acceleration over water
    • Jump Height (def = 8) –Jump height
  12. Player stats
    -This group contains information about the player himself
    • Strength –Player strength
    • Sanity –State of mind
    • Infected? –Is the player’s blood contaminated
    • DaySurvived –How many days have been lived
    • CurrentWeight –Current weight
    • HeartRate –Pulse
    • Flammable (damage from fire multiplier) –Fire damage multiplier
  13. Time and light
    –This group contains settings for time and light from the environment.
    • TimeOfDay –Current time of day:
                0 – noon
                90 – sunset
                180 – midnight
                260 – sunset
      P.S. Don’t even try to freeze the current time of day. I take no responsibility for what might happen = 3
    • SunLight Intensity  –The brightness of the sun
    • MoonLight Intensity –The brightness of the moon

Startup process:
1. Start Cheat Engine, “Load” and select a table
2. “Select a process to open”, select the desired process.
3. Select the option you want, put a cross.

You can download Cheat Engine from our server here.

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