Thief Simulator: Cheat [1.060] {Sceef}

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Thief Simulator: Cheat [1.060] {Sceef} Free Download

Remember to enable NumLock if you are using the buttons on the NumPad. And be sure to look for which version of Cheat, comparing it with the version in the menu (the version is written on the bottom left

(To install, drop the file into the folder … \ Thief Simulator \ thief_Data \ Managed
NumPad 1 (F9) -> Get $ 999,999
NumPad 2 (F10) -> Get 99 Levels and 99 Skill Points
NumPad 3 (F11) -> Hide From Police
The maximum carry weight is 999 kg

P.S. Added alternative buttons for activation, for those who do not have NumPad keys

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