Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege Tips and Tactics

Tom clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege – советы и тактика

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege Is a tactical first-person shooter developed by Ubisoft Montreal and released on December 1, 2015 for Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. In this series, you are given a choice of strategy, and you can come up with your own tactics: destroy walls, fortify positions from enemies , setting traps and much more … Here are some tips to help you win. Articles on other games from Ubisoft are available at the links: Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, Far Cry 4, Anno 2205.

Get rid of the stereotypes about shooting games.

Firstly, it is worth remembering that this is not a standard shooter, the main goal of which is to kill everyone in its path and go from one point to another. Here the strategy decides everything, although no one canceled the correct shooting either. Stupidly running and shooting here will not work. Give up the habits that are imposed on you in other games. Moving around the map using doors and stairs is the worst solution. A quick way to get to the roof is possible only with the help of a cable. Instead of stairs to move between floors – use windows, blow up or break ceilings, walls. Forget everything, actually, that you knew before.


If you haven’t prepared your drones, be prepared to crash.

In multiplayer mode, you have 60 seconds to get ready to play. Those who will attack will need drones. They will help to notice the target (hostage or explosives), or mark the enemy. Enemies can change position, but you will already understand who and what is protecting. Robots greatly simplify the search for targets. With their help, it is better to draw up a plan with comrades. You can leave the drone in the places you want and connect to them later …


But terrorists shouldn’t lose sight of the drones. If you notice, immediately destroy, or all your traps will go down the drain.

Fortifications and fences

A properly constructed barricade can save your life. It is worth setting up barricades at the very beginning of the battle, then you cannot simply. Use them to block routes, protect targets and slow down the movement of your opponents. In addition, it is possible to install an explosive package on the door, if someone is near from the enemies, detonate.

When the fortifications are broken, it means that the opponent could not defend his territory. Frequent use of all the devices that will be available to you will allow you to win. You don’t have to hide in cover, sitting behind a turret, you will only lose.


There is safety in numbers.

You can fight alone only when all your comrades are dead. This is a team game and you are part of this team. Without mutual understanding, you will not last even three minutes. So be sure to get a microphone …

Of course, you don’t have to play only with a group of your friends and come up with a plan every time. Just be ready, if you have to play someone else’s role, namely, to protect the hostage or to follow some place, set a trap, or destroy the enemy, then you must do this so as not to let the team down. Remember, there are no leaders here, but not everyone is for himself …

Accept the emphasis while lying!

The reclining position will allow you to look under the most secret places. Among other things, small cracks are visible through the doors. You will have the opportunity to kill your opponent, as you see his shoes. Most gamers see danger at head level. If you lie between 2 dead bodies, then there are chances that you may not be noticed. Use this and don’t forget.

Prone shooting

Come up with your own strategy.

The cards are very small in the game, but they have a ton of abilities. After practicing basic tactics, you have a minute to think about your own. Try to shoot through windows or walls, killing enemies from the other side. From time to time, just such shots help to win up.

Smash obstacles with the butt of your gun, shoot through them. Expand all the abilities of this place. In general – HULK, CRASH !!!


Change your strategy.

I already told you what madness is, huh? Madness is repetition of the same action. Time after time, hoping for a change. This is madness. – Far Cry 3.

For any round, there is a plan. Although the maps are small, they are well-designed and provide many other options for passing. Or maybe the terrorists will have enough to sit in their pants and it is worth going to the battle ourselves? Or do you need to set traps, or something else?


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