Turok (2008): Console for Cheat Codes

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This file TurokInput.INI opens the console!

Turok (2008): Console for Cheat Codes Free Download

Installation: folder “TurokGame“paste into the game folder (Games / Turok /)
(agree to merge folders and replace files)
Launch the game by clicking the button Tab – the console opens and there we write the codes:

god – immortality, you cannot be eaten by tirex, but your fish is eating.
loaded – all weapons, ammo, grenades and 100 adrenaline
oneshotkill – kill enemies with one shot
playersonly – enemies cannot move (pause)
teleport – takes the hero where the sight points
allmaps – unlocks all levels
fly – flight mode
ghost – flying through textures
walk – disable flight mode “ghost and fly”
SloMo T – Slomo, slow motion
Camera ThirdPerson – third person view
Camera FirstPerson – first-person view
allweapons – get all weapons
allammo – maximum cartridges 999
alwaysammo – endless ammo
grenades – Grenades 50 pieces

After the cheat code “loaded“you cannot get up behind any turret, the game may crash.

Turok (2008): Console for Cheat Codes

Note: if you have the game installed on the system disk (where Windows is located), the console in the game may not open.
If for this reason the console does not work, Install the game on a free disk – where there is no restriction.
Additional programs may be required. to open the console.
If DirectX is not installed on your PC, download from the official site.
If Net.Framework 3.5 is not enabled / installed.

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