Undertale: Cheat (data.win with developer mode, russified better graphics mod and replacing Frisk with Chara)

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To be honest, I made this modification for my friend, so to speak, to order, but then I thought: “why not put it here.

Undertale: Cheat (data.win with developer mode, russified better graphics mod and replacing Frisk with Chara) Free Download

Suddenly someone also wants to, for example, genocide to pass for the enchantment> =) “Well, I’m spreading it. All the sprites of Chara were painted exclusively by myself in Photoshop without interruption from morning to evening for 2 days and I hope you will like it as well as my friend (well, how to say friend , rather a friend than a friend) I checked everything is fine (but it is possible that there will be these stupid white dots somewhere, but they will definitely come across very rarely because I erased and painted over everything) Everything will be as always the developer mode. And for especially gifted people who like to press all keyboard buttons DO NOT PRESS THE F2 BUTTON AND F12 ​​ALSO !!!!! CLICK ON THE FIRST GENOCIDAL CONSEQUENCES WILL BE APPEARED THAT IS THE SOUNDS OF THE WIND AND THE BLACK SCREEN AND IF ON THE SECOND THAT YOU HAVE ALREADY PASSED THE ENTIRE GAME ON THE PATSIFIST! well, if you are a stubborn person and clicked on these buttons, then go to C: \ users \ there \ AppData \ Local \ UNDERTALE and (if I am not mistaken) then delete the system information (if f2 was pressed) or delete everything (if f12 pressed) and also FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT KNOW WHERE TO GET THIS FILE!!! in general, download the file then right-click on the game shortcut and “file location” and in front of you the folder with the game and there you throw the data.win file with the replacement and play everything!

 I also looked at my past creations and saw that there are a lot of white dots. In the near future I will try to remove all these points and then I will post here in one file my completely corrected works. If you see white dots in this file (if you play the game) then write and preferably send a screenshot. And if you want me to replace Frisk with someone else who you want, you can write and I will try to do it only the character you want should not be big! For example, like Papyrus, Toriel, Asgore and so on. The character must be as tall as Frisk or slightly smaller. If you want Flowey instead of Frisk, then I can’t do this in any way. 

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