Undertale: Save Game (Pacifist and Root Genocide)

Saves for the game Undertale.

How to install:
1. Let’s code to the local disk (C 🙂
2. Further to the users folder
3. Go to your user folder (I have an Administrator folder because I have 1 user)
4. Further to the AppData folder
5. To the Local folder

Undertale: Save Game (Pacifist and Root Genocide) Free Download

6. And we look for the UNDERTALE folder and throw the save you need there

The initial name from the save will be called Rose, but you can change: open file in the saves (they will have numbers) and undertale.ini, in notepad form change the name Rose to your desired name (write only in English letters!)
These are not my saves, you can find them if you google write my Undertale save
Don’t throw saves right away if you haven’t started the game at all! write at least your name and click done (or start) then throw the save

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