Valkyria Chronicles: Save Game (Game Completed 100%)


– Main campaign completed in NG and NG + (A-grade).

– Completed all quests in the Skirmishes section (Grade A).

– Completed all tasks of the Extras section (Grade A).

– All orders are open.

– Received all medals (Decorations).

– Collected all types of enemy weapons.

Valkyria Chronicles: Save Game (Game Completed 100%) Free Download

– All upgrades for tanks and infantry are open.

– All entries in Personnel, Weapons and Glossary sections are open.


1. Back up your saves.

2. Place files “PLAYDATA001.DAT” and “SYSDATA.DAT” in “… \ Valkyria Chronicles \ savedata \ [your id]”.

3. Start the game and load this save.


This saving is 100%, in contrast to THIS, in which only the main campaign has been completed.

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